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31 Mar, 2020 15:16

Coronacrazy? Quarantined rapper cheers as his German shepherd GNAWS on retriever in sickening livestream (VIDEO)

Coronacrazy? Quarantined rapper cheers as his German shepherd GNAWS on retriever in sickening livestream (VIDEO)

A popular Russian rapper with a long record of controversy has added apparent animal abuse to his list of sins. He livestreamed his dog attacking someone else's pet, cheering it on and asking viewers if they wanted more action.

Animal rights activists in Russia are after the blood of Aleksey Dolmatov, better known by his stage name Guf. The 40-year-old is a veteran award-winning performer, but lately it's his erratic behavior rather than his music that has been making headlines.

On Monday, Guf seemingly hit a new low as he was walking his German shepherd named Gucci near his country house. In a livestream shared on Guf's Instagram stories, he told fans he was staying within a distance of 100 meters from his home – presumably in accordance with Covid-19 quarantine rules.

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The walk then took a turn for the worse. Guf and Gucci met a couple of the neighbors' dogs who were not on a leash. Instead of controlling his over-excited pet, the rapper asked his followers if they wanted him to set Gucci on them. He then allowed his dog to get into a brawl with a golden retriever.


"That's my dog! Welcome to my house," Guf cheered in English as Gucci was biting his opponent. Minutes later, when the owners of the retriever arrived on the scene, the performer chastised them for letting their dogs roam free. He didn't seem to have any reservations about the episode and later bragged that his dog had come out of the fight unharmed while the retriever was "all f**king injured."

Even some of Guf's devoted fans saw the disgusting video as crossing the line. It has since vanished from his account, but copies have spread online. At least one animal rights group said it will use the video as evidence to have the authorities press animal cruelty charges against the rapper.

Guf is somewhat of a shock-hound both on and off the stage. In one interview, he claimed to be both bipolar and schizophrenic (the two conditions are different, but have some overlapping symptoms) and that he had to be institutionalized eight times. He is also an unabashed pot smoker, and reportedly indulges in other more harmful substances that are banned in Russia.

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During a trip to Thailand in January, he posted a video address to his longtime foe and Russian MP, Dmitry Nosov, which was riddled with obscenities and insults, before culminating in a challenge to a fight. The politician, who also happens to be a martial arts master, ignored the message. After the incident, Guf's former wife said she regretted allowing their son to go with his father to Thailand, and that she thought the rapper "was going crazy live."

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