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5 Mar, 2020 11:31

‘We’re beating the competition & outperforming everyone’ – Putin praises Russia’s nuclear technology prowess

They say there are two Russias, the one in many Western minds – think “a gas station masquerading as a country” – and the real deal, where 146 million people live, which is often at the cutting edge of technology.

When it comes to nuclear power, Russia is undoubtedly one of the world’s leaders and, according to President Vladimir Putin, such investment is paying off. Speaking to the TASS news agency, he said that Russia is trouncing the competition in the field.


“In the high-tech sector and the nuclear industry, we have been making great strides,” Putin said. “We’re beating the competition, we’ve outperformed everyone. We’re the world’s largest manufacturer of nuclear units for power plants. Not weapons, this is state-of-the-art technology.”

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This isn’t the first time Putin has talked up the achievements of Russia’s nuclear industry.

In September 2019, the president spoke about how Russia’s nuclear industry plays a vital role in providing strategic balance in the world.

“Among the undoubted successes of the current generation of nuclear scientists is the creation of a new generation of weapons that can provide strategic balance in the world for decades to come,” he said.


Russia’s achievements created International headlines when the world’s first floating nuclear power plant (FNPP) Akademik Lomonosov was launched. Designed to provide power to remote areas of the country, the plant-cum-ship arrived in Chukotka in autumn 2019 and began powering the far-eastern region in December.

However, the ingenuity of a floating power station didn’t receive universal acclaim, with some media outlets and activists dubbing the boat ‘Chernobyl on Ice’ or a ‘Floating Chernobyl.’

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