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5 Mar, 2020 07:13

Demand for Tesla-inspired Russian ZOMBIE-APOCALYPSE hideout soars as Covid-2019 claims more lives

Demand for Tesla-inspired Russian ZOMBIE-APOCALYPSE hideout soars as Covid-2019 claims more lives

More people willing to buy an uber-futuristic shelter able to shield its inhabitants from hordes of undead and other perils of civilization since the novel coronavirus outbreak, Russian architects claim.

The Cyberhouse – an architectural concept of a home castle – is now in greater demand than it was before the novel coronavirus started to rip through the planet, design bureau Modern House told Russia's Lenta outlet.

It features thick walls of reinforced concrete and high-strength steel structures, along with shielded windows, metallic blinds and airlocks. At the request of customers, designers worked out a system to protect against coronaviruses and radioactive dust, which add to the security.

The project, which apparently follows the weird design of Elon Musk's Cybertruck vehicle rolled out last year, aims to ensure that the owner isn't hurt by an "aggressive external impact," said Alex Vyzhevsky, the chief architect.

Up to six people can hide out inside the Cyberhouse, which is said to sell for approximately $848,000 – a sum large enough to buy at least eight average flats in Moscow.

Modern House says there is a total of 12 customers who weren't scared away by the price, including some people from coronavirus-hit Italy, where the death toll has risen to 107 over the past 24 hours.

Italian owners apparently value increased protection as their version of the Cyberhouse features monolithic concrete, heavy-duty steel, bulletproof glass, not to mention biological hazard-resistant systems, the firm claims.

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