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4 Mar, 2020 11:38

Protect Putin from Covid-19: Kremlin’s new mission as epidemic spreads worldwide

Protect Putin from Covid-19: Kremlin’s new mission as epidemic spreads worldwide

He’s known for his tough-guy image and ‘action man’ stunts, like facing down a tiger and flying a motorized hang glider, but even Russia’s President Vladimir Putin isn’t immune to coronavirus fears.

His spokesman has revealed that the Kremlin is taking extra steps to protect the President from Covid-19, lest the nation’s first citizen be struck down by the ailment.

“Everything that is necessary to prevent the coronavirus from entering the president’s proximity is being done.” Dmitry Peskov said, “In fact, the [measures we are taking] are ordinary preventive hygiene measures that can be taken by all citizens of Russia.”

Russia has so far avoided a national epidemic, and stringent measures have been put in place to control any possible spread of the virus. The country currently has just one active case of Covid-19, on home soil. However, some of its citizens around the world have been confirmed as infected. Yesterday, the health ministry of the UAE announced that two Russians there have the virus and, on February 28, a Russian man tested positive in Azerbaijan after having visited Iran.

Recent measures to prevent a coronavirus crisis in Russia include banning the export of medical masks, random checks on the Moscow Metro, and cancelation of large-scale events by schools. The government has also taken measures to prevent foreign citizens visiting Russia from some of the worst-affected countries.

While there are currently no presidents known to have Covid-19, in Iran 23 MPs have been confirmed infected, and one special adviser to the supreme leader has even died of the disease.

As of March 4, there are 39,312 active confirmed cases of Coronavirus worldwide. 51,058 people have recovered and 3,204 have died.

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