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2 Mar, 2020 21:10

From Russia with love: Rave-pop act Little Big aka ‘Russian Die Antwoord’ set to shake up Eurovision

From Russia with love: Rave-pop act Little Big aka ‘Russian Die Antwoord’ set to shake up Eurovision

Amid the syrupy ballads and anodyne chart pop, next month’s Eurovision Song Contest will feature an appearance from rave/pop/punk miscreants Little Big, who will represent Russia on the world stage.

Known in Russia for their high-octane tunes and irreverent videos, Little Big formed in St. Petersburg in 2013. Since releasing their first album, ‘From Russia With Love’, a year later the band has achieved superstar status at home and toured abroad with South African rave rappers Die Antwoord.

Drawing inspiration from 1990s rave music, tacky Europop, as well as the grindcore metal of Cannibal Corpse and the industrial power of Rammstein and Rob Zombie, Little Big’s sound has been described as “Aqua on crack” and “a Russian mental patient’s answer to Die Antwoord.”

Skewering and celebrating Russian stereotypes – from vodka drinking to squat parties in crumbling Soviet apartment blocks to human/bear romance – as well as popularizing their own viral dance sensation (see ‘Skibidi’ and its 362 million views), the band’s videos have become YouTube sensations.

Songs like ‘Big D*ck’, ‘Everyday I’m Drinking’ and ‘AK-47’ are a long way from Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff, but their twisted and humorous portrayal of Russian life has made them hugely popular in their home country. Their antics have also won the hearts in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Little Big were selected for the Eurovision Song Contest by Russian broadcaster C1R on Monday. The group’s participating song will be announced within the next week. Whatever the choice, the group is sure to leave its mark on the competition, and shock a few viewers along the way.

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