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24 Feb, 2020 06:59

‘It was just a game’: Estonian mother flees to Russia with 2 girls after court clears Norwegian ex-husband of pedophilia charges

‘It was just a game’: Estonian mother flees to Russia with 2 girls after court clears Norwegian ex-husband of pedophilia charges

He bathed with his own daughters naked and made them kiss his crotch, an Estonian mom told RT of her ex-husband after escaping to Russia. But the Norwegian man's lawyers claim she's using pedophilia allegations to keep the kids.

It all started like a happy love story in 2009, but eventually turned into a nightmare.

Anna from the Estonian capital, Tallinn, arrived in Norway to work as a nurse at a senior home. It was there that she met Jostein Finseraasen, a male nurse whom the wards simply adored and courted her like a true gentleman. The couple got married three month later, with Anna already being pregnant.

But the domestic bliss turned out to be short-lived. “When we began living together I started noticing aggressive outbursts from him toward animals at the farm,” the woman recalled.


And this was only the beginning as the man soon redirected his anger from his livestock to his wife. “He was beating me up when I was pregnant,” Anna claimed.

But the woman still decided to give her relationship with Jostein a chance. In May 2010, she gave birth to her first daughter, Adelina, with her sister, Luisa, born a year later.

It was going quite well, until one day Anna opened the door to the bathroom where her husband was bathing 1-year-old Adelina and suffered the biggest shock of her life.

“The water was switched off. My man and my daughter were standing naked on the floor and she was touching his erect penis.”

Jostein “understood that he was caught red-handed,” but tried presenting everything as a misunderstanding, the woman recalled. However, the family's life became a series of unending quarrels and fights after that.

In late 2012, Anna realized that she couldn't stand it anymore and that it was no environment to raise her children in. She filed for divorce and as soon as it was finalized grabbed her daughters and moved back to Estonia. The woman insisted that it was the only way as the Norwegian authorities would have never taken her side in the conflict due to her being a foreigner and the kids would have stayed with their dad. 

But Jostein managed to track them down in Tallinn and hired an expensive lawyer in order to obtain permission to see the kids regularly from the court. And for the next three years Adelina and Luisa visited Norway frequently, while their restless mother was waiting for them at home.

Anna said the girls always returned from their father “in a bad mood.” She also found that they had some kind of a rash in their pelvic areas which she first attributed to food allergies.

One time when Jostein was bringing the children back she saw how instead of a farewell kiss on the cheek, they were kissing him on the crotch.

The daughters later told her that they were also kissing their father the same way in Norway as well as bathing together and sleeping in the same bed naked.

During the conversation, which Anna recorded on video, Adelina confessed that her dad was “tickling her between the legs and it was painful” when they watched TV naked together. He explained that it was just a “game.”
Judging from what the girl was saying Anna came to the conclusion that Jostein attempted to perform a sexual act with Adelina on numerous occasions, while her younger sister Luisa was there watching.
Another daunting figure in the recollections of the girls was their grandfather, Steinar Finseraasen, who also took part in their ‘games’. The man is a known pedophile and served time in prison for sexually abusing minors in his earlier years.

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Anna took the footage straight to the police and this led to a criminal case being initiated against Jostein. The Norwegian was arrested and put in custody in Estonia pending the probe and spent seven months in lockup.

A source close to the investigation told RT that the medical check on Adelina had revealed two scars on the girl's virginal membrane, which could've been caused by a mechanical interference. However, the doctors also didn't rule out the possibility of congenital pathology. A report from the psychologists also stated that both Adelina and Luisa singled out bathing naked with their dad as their most memorable moment.

Anna was hoping that the trial would finally put an end to the suffering of her daughters and hers but the court ruled that there wasn't enough “direct proof” of Jostein's guilt and acquitted the man, while also assigning financial compensation to him.

As soon as he regained freedom, the father launched a counterattack against his ex-wife. In the summer of 2017, he filed a lawsuit of his own with the aim of limiting Anna's parenting rights and taking custody of Adelina and Luisa. The Norwegian court ruled in his favor, while refusing to hear out the testimonies of the psychologists and juvenile justice experts who backed Anna's accusations.

The mother appealed the decision in a higher court, but while the proceedings went on Anna was ordered to bring her daughters to a psychological counseling center for meetings with their dad.  

Those meetings had a “horrible” effect on the girls. Adelina started scratching her face making it bloody and shouted that “it was all her fault,” the mother said, adding that such behavior is typical for the victims of sexual abuse.

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All of her appeals eventually failed. This January, Jostein was to come to Tallinn and take the girls away from Anna forever. Once again the woman was put in a situation where she had no other choice, but to flee.

She left Estonia with the children just a few days before her ex-husband was to arrive and headed to Russia, which, she said, was “the only country that helped us.”

But Jostein has no plans of giving up on his daughters. His lawyer insisted that all of the pedophilia claims were false and that Anna “simply taught her children how to lie.”

The mother began to slander her client after the children said that they wanted to live in Norway with their dad, she argued. As for Anna, “she has problems with her head,” the lawyer stated. “Jostein is suffering immensely because of this situation and is going to push for the return of the children.”

The lawyer also revealed that she had already contacted Interpol so that they would search for the missing daughters. 

Meanwhile, Anna says that her girls “feel safe” in Russia and that they had been feeling much better psychologically. The woman and her daughters are being taken care of by human rights activists, who found free accommodation for them and helped enlist Adelina and Luisa into a school. They also addressed the Foreign Ministry so that the mother, who has Russian roots, and her children could get temporary asylum in the country.

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