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24 Oct, 2019 22:08

Modern AK-12 assault rifle works itself to death in a new HOT VIDEO by Kalashnikov

Modern AK-12 assault rifle works itself to death in a new HOT VIDEO by Kalashnikov

Russia’s iconic arms maker Kalashnikov Concern has seemingly developed a taste for producing prime internet content, releasing a fresh video of a full-self-destruction of one its firearms. So what does it take to kill an AK-12?

Following the positive reception of its first video about stress-testing a trusty old AK-74M rifle – which already has got nearly a million views – the renowned Russian arms maker decided to continue its 'Destroyers of Weapons' series. This time, the concern’s expert got his hands on a modern AK-12 assault rifle, chambered for the 5.45×39mm cartridge.

The new rifle, adopted by the Russian military back in 2018, features a number of improvements – from its new gas-operation system and adjustable stock to the railed handguard. Moreover, AK-12s can have scopes attached to a rail on the receiver cover, whereas in earlier models this part was quite shaky in its original design and the scopes would go only to the left-side assembly.

The new rifle has fared very well in the torturous test, firing 680 rounds – nearly 23 magazines – in full-auto before its barrel blew up. That is around 100 more than the previous test of the AK-74M.

Around the 500th round, the gun became so hot its handguard caught fire – yet the automatics continued to work perfectly. The expert shooter had no trouble reloading the flaming gun, unlike the AK-74M, which required a solid hit against a table to its chamber.

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A 'post-mortem' examination showed that only the gun’s barrel assembly and handguard were damaged during the test – all the receiver parts got only a thick layer of soot. All in all, the new AK-12 performed better than the older variant of the iconic rifle. Both of them were able to sustain significantly more than ‘just’ 180 rounds in full-auto, a requirement of the Russian military.

We can expect more gun demolition videos from Kalashnikov; the manufacturer has already teased a new one, prompting viewers to try and guess which one from its arsenal will be destroyed next.

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