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24 Oct, 2019 00:11

WATCH ‘tank’ run a red light & RAM a car at a busy intersection in Russia (VIDEO)

WATCH ‘tank’ run a red light & RAM a car at a busy intersection in Russia (VIDEO)

A freak accident that saw a Russian combat vehicle speeding through red lights, veering into the wrong lane and smashing into a car has been captured on video. The military has blamed faulty brakes.

In a video that began making rounds across Russian social media on Wednesday, an airborne infantry fighting vehicle (IFV), later identified as a BMD-2, is shown going full speed down the streets of Kostroma, a city on the banks of the Volga River in central Russia.

The armored behemoth does not attempt to slow down at the intersection as the traffic lights change. Instead, it swerves into the wrong lane and hits an unsuspecting sedan.

While nobody was hurt during the bizarre incident, the car has been slightly damaged, and local law enforcement are now looking into the footage.

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It was not immediately clear if the incident had anything to do with the lights being out of order at the time. The video shows two cops regulating the traffic, but it’s hard to say if their directions at the time were out of sync with the automated light. The BMD-2 is in fact the only vehicle that crosses the intersection, but ramming the civilian car was definitely something it was not supposed to do.

The military has blamed faulty brakes for the mishap, saying that the combat vehicle went haywire while returning to a garrison from a training range, according to the preliminary investigation.

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