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A tooth for… a croc’s name: Russian zoo launches online competition with biting reward

A tooth for… a croc’s name: Russian zoo launches online competition with biting reward
A caiman is about to celebrate his first birthday and Russian zookeepers thought a name for the croc would make the perfect gift. They are offering a Nile crocodile tooth and a photoshoot to the lucky winner.

The zoo in the city of Samara on the Volga River announced the competition on Russia’s VK social network.

The nameless caiman crocodilus will turn 1 on October 10 and online users have nine days left to show off their creativity.

So far, such options as Pafnuty, Igor, Niels, Kiryusha, and Gena, a crocodile for a popular series of Russian children’s books and cartoons, are among the favorites.

The winner gets to take part in a photoshoot with the birthday boy and a tooth of his more menacing relative, a Nile crocodile.

A Nile crocodile can reach a length of 5 meters, while weighing 750 kilograms, which makes it the second largest reptile in the world. Its jaws contain 64 massive teeth that are regularly being replaced during the reptile’s life. So, no visit to the dentist was needed to obtain the prize.

Caimans are a much smaller species, which can reach a length of two meters and a weight of about 40 kilograms. Their natural habitat is in Central and South America, but they feel quite comfortable at the Samara zoo as well. Last year, two local caimans Totosha and Kokosha gave birth to 12 babies and the croc that’s now looking for a name was among them.

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