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4 Sep, 2019 03:53

Theft of the year? Two stubborn kids’ attempt to hijack a wheelbarrow goes VIRAL

Two persistent young Russian boys whose inventive theft of a wheelbarrow was caught on surveillance camera have won over millions after their clever solution to the problem of a fence and a locked gate went viral.
Theft of the year? Two stubborn kids’ attempt to hijack a wheelbarrow goes VIRAL

The boys are seen trying a number of increasingly complex schemes to get the heavy wheelbarrow over a fence in Belorechensk, Krasnodar region in surveillance footage released on Tuesday. The clip, posted by Russia 24, was viewed over 2 million times in 24 hours.

Thwarted in their effort to simply lift the wheelbarrow over the fence (they’re not strong enough, or tall enough), they attempt to build a flimsy wooden scaffold (fail - it collapses under the combined weight of object and boy) before deciding to wheel the barrow up a ladder onto a more robust platform and then hefting it over the fence (success, at last!). One boy is then seen wheeling the other away in their hard-won prize.



Commenters were charmed by their perseverance and sense of adventure. “Lol, exactly like me and my brother in childhood,” one remarked. “Give them more time, they would have put down asphalt to bring over a crane,” joked another. “It is a pity that the priceless dialogue of these two hijackers was irrevocably lost, it would be fun to hear how they discussed it!” said another.

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The ultimate fate of wheelbarrow and boys remains unknown. Did they have to return it while going back for a backpack they seem to have forgotten at the crime scene? Apologize? Promise never to steal any gardening implements ever again? The world may never know.

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