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25 Jul, 2019 10:01

6yo boy dreams of becoming Chechen leader Kadyrov’s bodyguard… and GETS HIRED

6yo boy dreams of becoming Chechen leader Kadyrov’s bodyguard… and GETS HIRED

Ramzan Kadyrov has embedded a six-year-old boy with his personal security detail, shortly after the fearless kid spoke about his desire to protect the firebrand Chechen leader.

“From now on, I have nothing to worry about, I’ve got a professional bodyguard who has no match in the world,” Ramzan Kadyrov wrote on Instagram. Magomed-Emi Gaziev became known on social media after telling the world that he was eager “to become a true defender and warrior,” he explained.

Footage shows Magomed-Emi socializing with the Chechen leader at his office.

“I invited him to see me today and employed him as an officer in charge,” Kadyrov wrote.

He ordered the freshman bodyguard to be furnished with “uniforms, guns and equipment” – all taken from local toy stores, of course.

The boy will now be on duty under the watchful eye of a Kadyrov aide.

Joking aside, Chechnya has no shortage of motivated kids. Earlier in the month, six-year-old Rakhim Kuriev reportedly set two world records for push-ups, totaling nearly 9,000 reps.

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The youngster’s achievements were broadcast on local television. Back in 2018, Kadyrov presented the boy, then aged 5, with a white Mercedes-Benz C-Class as a reward for setting a world record of 4,105 push-ups in just 2 hours and 25 minutes.

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