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WATCH Special Forces storm terrorists’ hideout in central Russia

WATCH Special Forces storm terrorists’ hideout in central Russia
An FSB assault team descended on a terrorists’ safe house outside the city of Vladimir, killing two militants who were set to carry out attacks in Russia. The shootout was caught on camera.

Footage released by Russia’s National Anti-terrorism Committee (NAC) shows four Special Forces officers entering the hideout near Vladimir, a city 200km (125 miles) east of Moscow. The operatives can be seen throwing a flash grenade into an open doorway, at which point the video jumps, skipping scenes of the shootout.

The NAC says the two suspects, who allegedly prepared terrorist attacks, refused to lay down weapons and opened fire, leaving the FSB officers with no choice but to use lethal force. The video also shows unloaded pistols, improvised explosive devices, and bags of ammonia found inside the house.

WARNING: The footage contains images that some may find disturbing.

The neighborhood was cordoned off and residents were evacuated during the operation, authorities said. There were no casualties among officers and locals.

It comes less than a month after suspected Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) recruiters were arrested during a raid outside Moscow.

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The group has been active since November 2016, recruiting members into IS ranks and purveying terrorist propaganda, which included inciting attacks on Russian law enforcement organizations.

The underground terrorist cell has been coordinated by high-profile terrorists from abroad, according to investigators.

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