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30 Mar, 2019 16:08

Russian ladies launch spicy flashmob in support of sacked female teacher

Russian ladies launch spicy flashmob in support of sacked female teacher

Women across Russia are posting racy photos in solidarity with a female teacher who was reportedly fired for a social media photo in a swimsuit, which her boss and some parents found inappropriate for her job.

The online flashmob dubbed 'Teachers are people too' was launched in support of a female school teacher from the city of Barnaul in southern Siberia. Tatyana Kuvshinnikova, 38, told reporters that she was fired after she posted a picture of herself wearing a short purple cocktail dress and high heels on her social media account. Some parents, as well as her colleagues and boss, reportedly found the photo too racy. The woman, who teaches Russian language and literature, also posed in an evening gown and a one-piece swimsuit in other photos.

The news sparked a public outcry, with many siding with the teacher and saying there is nothing wrong with the photo. Women, including current and former teachers, are now sharing their own shots in bras and swimsuits.

"We have a right to private life: to swimsuits, piercings, tattoos, hobbies and other things we may like," one woman wrote. "Keep in mind that we can have various social roles. And we don't drag our private life to schools."

"Yet another controversy over a teacher in a swimsuit… Why do people see evil in it? Or a bad subtext?" another asked.

The Education Ministry ordered the local authorities to investigate whether the school was right to fire the teacher. Meanwhile, the sacked woman has already found allies in the nation's parliament. "It's not a reason to fire somebody," lawmaker Yelena Drapeko, who sits on the Culture Committee, said, blasting the school's actions as "unabashed sanctimony."

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