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28 Mar, 2019 18:02

Moves like Jagger: Rolling Stones ballet premieres in Russia (VIDEO)

Moves like Jagger: Rolling Stones ballet premieres in Russia (VIDEO)

A Russian ballet show set to music by The Rolling Stones and inspired by Mick Jagger’s signature moves has premiered in front of a packed crowd in St. Petersburg.

The fusion of classical Russian ballet combined with Rolling Stones classics was choreographed by Jagger’s ballerina girlfriend, and mother to their 2-year-old son, Melanie Hamrick.

The show named ‘Porte Rouge’ (red door) takes inspiration from the 75-year-old’s trademark free-spirited style and is designed for the dancers to emulate the singer’s “unique way of moving,” says Hamrick.

I tried to incorporate that feel of just the love of dance and the enjoyment when he is in concert,” she explained to Reuters.

“He has a very unique way of moving, a very free way of moving, so I tried to capture the essence of that.”

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The eight-minute production features several classics by the band, including ‘Paint it Black’, ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ and ‘She’s a Rainbow’. Jagger admitted that he played a minimal part in the show’s production, aside from the music.

“I just let Melanie do her thing,” he said when discussing the project with Vogue in February. “She picked all the songs and did all of the choreography.”

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