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24 Mar, 2019 10:20

Russia’s ‘Lord of the Cold’ sets extreme record leaping half-naked from a plane (VIDEO)

Russia’s ‘Lord of the Cold’ sets extreme record leaping half-naked from a plane (VIDEO)

Oleg Rezanov, also known as ‘Lord of the Cold’, broke a world record for jumping out of a plane dressed in nothing but a pair of shorts in the freezing skies above Yakutia, Russia.

Rezanov jumped from a height of 4.1km (2.5 miles) on Saturday, setting his 12th personal record for survival in extreme conditions. The Republican Parachuting Federation said the temperature at the time was -23C, RIA Novosti reports.

Rezanov did the jump as a tandem skydive, attached to a – fully dressed – instructor.

The extreme daredevil prepared for the freezing jump by doing “open training in the cold, combined with national rites and traditions,” he wrote on Instagram, where he shared videos of himself lying half-naked and half-buried in the snow. Another photo shows him standing in his bare feet in the snow, wearing just a pair of shorts.

“Landing is wonderful - three kilometers from the target, in a snowdrift,” Rezanov told Yakutia 24 TV channel.

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The Russian set his first extreme cold record during the opening of the Winter Olympics in Sochi when he swam for two minutes in the icy waters of the Black Sea, Sakha Life reports.

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