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21 Mar, 2019 06:29

Gold-painted man in RED THONG strolls through Tretyakov Gallery during bizarre ‘performance’ (VIDEO)

Gold-painted man in RED THONG strolls through Tretyakov Gallery during bizarre ‘performance’ (VIDEO)

A near-naked man has baffled visitors at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. While the gold-painted man distracted museum-goers, his co-conspirator snuck his own “art pieces” on display.

The act turned out to be a “performance” by a group of “modern artists,” and occurred at the gallery late on Wednesday. Visitors captured videos of the man, who undressed in one of the gallery’s halls and then proceeded to observe the exhibition.

Footage from the scene shows the man wearing nothing but a sleek red thong. The performer was painted gold and had various elaborate symbols painted across his back.

After touring the gallery, he casually walked out of the iconic museum, amusing art-lovers who were on their way in. The display, however, turned out to be merely a diversion in an elaborate plan that was hatched by a group of “artists.”

While the gold-painted man distracted visitors, an accomplice managed to sneak “art pieces” of his own into the gallery, placing a painting and several other objects on the wall. One of the artists, wearing a golden wreath, was filmed saying he was thrilled to be “featured” at the famous museum, which had surely benefited from his “modern art” exhibit. Following the performance, the “artists” escaped from the gallery unhindered.

The gallery acknowledged that the only result of the performance was several “gifts” left by the group.

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