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7 Mar, 2019 10:35

Court orders mother of slain model PAY UP to her MURDERER HUSBAND

Court orders mother of slain model PAY UP to her MURDERER HUSBAND

Splitting property can get really ugly for a divorcing couple. Even more so, when the husband killed his wife and took her parents to court to get his cut of the cars and money which he and his victim once shared.

That’s exactly what happened with Dmitry Loshagin, once a successful fashion photographer in the city of Yekaterinburg in Russia’s Urals and now a convict serving 10 years for the murder of his model wife, Yulia Prokopyeva.

This week a local court ruled that the mother of Yulia had to pay her killer over $4,000 – his fair share in the property which the married couple had.

It is however is a far cry from what Loshagin asked for. His litigation said he should get some $45,500 in cash, to cover a loan he took while being Yulia’s husband, and one of two Audi TT cars.

(Dmitry Loshagin and Yulia Prokopyeva)

Most of his claims of ownership however were defeated. The court ruled that the loan was taken for business purposes and that one of the cars was a gift, so he was awarded a cash equivalent of half the value of a single vehicle.

Loshagin will not see the money however. He still owes Yulia’s parents a much greater sum awarded to them earlier as compensation for the distress he caused with the killing.

The murder was a real shock for the city, when full details of what had happened emerged in 2013. For outsiders Dmitry and Yulia seemed like the perfect glamorous couple, but he was reportedly a very jealous man.

One night during a house party the couple had a quarrel, and Loshagin pushed his wife down the stairs, breaking her neck. He hid the body and returned to guests, as if nothing happened.

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Later, he tried to dispose of Yulia’s body. He transported it to a nearby forest and tried to burn it. Her relatives turned to police after finding Loshagin suspiciously indifferent to his wife’s disappearance.

He was tried and initially acquitted, but a higher court ordered a retrial in which he was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in jail.

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