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21 Dec, 2018 18:44

Fragile commodity: Woman busted for trying to sell underage girl’s virginity (VIDEO)

Fragile commodity: Woman busted for trying to sell underage girl’s virginity (VIDEO)

A venturous lady from Saint Petersburg attempted to cash in on the virginity of a 15-year-old girl she met online. She managed to find a generous buyer in Moscow for the unusual article…but he turned out to be an undercover cop.

A hotel room with a large bed, white sheets and dimmed lighting was rented for the night. The rich client was also there and the final details were being agreed.

The female pimp asked the man not to hold back the girl for too long after the deal is done because she had “strict parents” and had to be home in time.

And then the moment she was so eagerly waiting for had arrived. He passed her the cash. The whole 650,000 rubles (almost $9,700) she demanded for the teen’s maidenhood.

The woman’s face brightened when she felt the sweet banknotes in her hands as seen in the footage from the hidden camera, carried by the police officer, who posed as a client.


But her joy was cut short as she was detained on the spot. Being caught red-handed, the shocked perpetrator had nothing to do, but confess.

The 22-year-old told the operatives that she found the girl on social media and persuaded her to part with her virginity by promising her easy money.

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She then traveled from Saint Petersburg to Moscow and arranged everything for the transaction to take place there.

However, the woman insisted that she never planned to keep the cash for herself and only wanted to help the girl find a good man.


But police believe otherwise, saying that she apparently planned to flee after getting the money and already purchases a ticket out of Moscow.

The wannabe female pimp had been put in custody and now faces criminal charges over involving an underage person in prostitution.

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