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‘Ukrainian neo-Nazis switch from theory to practice’ – Russian diplomat

‘Ukrainian neo-Nazis switch from theory to practice’ – Russian diplomat
Neo-Nazism is no a longer a theory in Ukraine as its ideas are being implemented into practice, according to a top Russian Foreign Ministry official.

The Neo-Nazis in Ukraine have switched from polemics and invasion of brains to practice,” the Foreign Ministry’s representative for Human Rights and the Rule of Law, Konstantin Doldgov, told reporters on Thursday. “People wearing helmets with Nazi emblems are committing murders there.”

He also noted the increase of neo-Nazi sentiments in the United States.

There are thousands of extremist groups there, including neo-Nazi ones,” he specified.

The surge of movements that preach racial hatred is taking place in Ukraine and the USA despite the fact that they were among the supporters of the UN resolution on opposing the Nazi and racist tendencies in modern politics, prepared by Russia and passed by the General Assembly in December last year.

Dolgov noted in his comments that certain forces in the West are currently attempting to diminish Russia’s role in defeat of the Nazi Germany in WWII and replace the historical truth with ignorance.

This ignorance is being cultivated, it is being nourished. Hundreds of billions of dollars are being spent across the world for this purpose. And we know the source of these billions,” he stated.

Without any doubt this is a deliberate policy of certain circles in Western countries, in the United States and a number of its European allies, who seek to delete from public conscience and memory the pages containing our joint fight against fascism and Nazism.”

This alliance was sealed with millions of human lives and the decisive input [in the victory] was made by no one else but the Soviet Union,” Dolgov told reporters.

The Russian diplomat emphasized that the ultimate objective of those who try to distort the history is isolation of Russia and called such attempts “as obvious as they are hopeless.”

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Dolgov’s statements echo the words of President Vladimir Putin, who has repeatedly denounced attempts to ‘rewrite’ WWII history and noted that the forces behind such attempts seek to sow strife between peoples and nations for their own geopolitical purposes.

In mid-March the president reiterated this position before told the Russian committee in charge of the forthcoming 70th anniversary Victory Day celebrations.

In January, Putin said in a public speech that the people who attempt to rewrite the history of WWII and hide the crimes of Nazism often try to distract attention from their nations’ collaboration with Hitler.

Direct attempts to silence history, to distort and rewrite history are inadmissible and immoral. Behind these attempts often lies the desire to hide one’s own disgrace, the disgrace of cowardice, hypocrisy and treachery, the intent to justify the direct or indirect collaboration with Nazism,” he stated in the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow at an event dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Auschwitz death camp’s liberation.