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31 Jan, 2024 15:04

Record label to drop Roger Waters over Israel comments – Variety

The Pink Floyd co-founder has previously claimed that the split was caused by pressure from the company’s pro-Israeli owners
Record label to drop Roger Waters over Israel comments – Variety

German music company BMG is reportedly looking to cut ties with Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters over his political statements, according to an article published by Variety on Monday. The 80-year-old musician has previously criticized Israel over its siege of Gaza, accused the West of provoking and prolonging the Ukraine conflict, and called the US the “the most evil of all.”

The record label signed a contract with Waters in 2016 and was set to release a newly recorded version of Pink Floyd’s iconic 1973 album ‘Dark Side of the Moon’. However, after the company hired a new CEO last year, the deal was scrapped and the record ended up being released by a UK-based label.

Variety now says it has learned from a number of sources that BMG is set to drop the veteran musician from the label entirely. No official statements from the company regarding this potential move have been made yet, however, with Variety claiming that BMG representatives had declined requests for comment.

In an interview with Glenn Greenwald late last year, Waters himself hinted that his time with BMG could soon be cut short, stating that the split was the result of pro-Israeli sentiments at the record label’s parent company, Bertelsmann.

The musician, a long time supporter of the Palestinian cause has been branded an anti-Zionist and even an anti-Semite over his harsh criticisms of Israel, opinions on the Holocaust and questioning the Israeli government’s version of events regarding the October 7 attack by Hamas. Waters has vehemently denied allegations of anti-Semitism.  

He has also faced backlash for speaking last year at the United Nations Security Council at Russia’s invitation, where he called for a ceasefire in Ukraine and stated that Moscow’s offensive against Kiev was “not unprovoked.” He has previously condemned the West for inciting the conflict in the first place and prolonging it via continued weapon shipments to Kiev.