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Prominent political Twitch streamer Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker has drawn the ire of the internet after splurging $200,000 on a brand-new Porsche Taycan, while simultaneously criticizing capitalism and teaching his audience about socialism.

Piker is well known for his streams in which he educates his audience on the ideas of socialism and shares his pro-communist, anti-capitalist political views. Piker even sells merchandise with slogans like Make The Rich Pay.

After a recent video uploaded by Piker’s editor, Ostonox, which shows the streamer purchasing the expensive dream car, many have accused him of hypocrisy, given his professed world view. Some have even compared him to a scam-artist televangelist, given the difference between what he does and what he preaches.

The backlash against Piker’s duplicitous approach to spending his money saw the streamer’s name make it to Twitter’s trending list, where even more users piled on the outrage, arguing that Piker’s spending habits indicated he was never a socialist to begin with.

However, this isn’t the first time HasanAbi has made the headlines for his spending habits, last year the streamer was revealed to have been making over $200,000 a month after buying a $2.7-million LA mansion

He also made the news recently when, in December, he and several other streamers, were banned off of Twitch for repeatedly calling white people ‘Crackers,’ which, according to the platform’s community guidelines, is considered a racial slur.