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New documents released by Britney Spears and her legal team assert that her father, Jamie Spears, and his lawyers took over $36 million dollars from the singer’s estate throughout the 13 years he acted as her conservator. The documents were filed in response to Spears’ father demanding that his daughter continue to pay his legal fees, despite the conservatorship ending in November 2021. 

Britney’s lawyers claim that Jamie Spears paid himself over $6 million during his time as the singer’s conservator, and additionally petitioned for more than $30 million to be paid to dozens of different law firms.


“Mr. Spears, an ignominiously-suspended conservator – of a conservatorship that has been terminated – now seeks to siphon even more money from his daughter,” reads the document, as reported by Variety. “Mr. Spears should be required to pay his legal fees… if he has already dissipated those funds, he should consider hiring other, less expensive counsel whom he can afford.”

Jamie Spears served as his daughter’s conservator for 13 years after she was placed under the court-ordered arrangement in 2008. 

The new documents also reveal that Spear’s father allegedly used the money he earned from his daughter’s estate to pitch his own cooking show in 2015, titled ‘Cookin’ Cruzin’ and Chaos with Jamie Spears’, and tried to employ people working for Britney to help him in his endeavors.

According to the documents, “Mr. Spears also exploited his role as Conservator to prevail upon Ms. Spears’s tour staff to help him turn his catering business into a Hollywood career.”

Britney Spears has also filed a cease-and-desist letter to her sister Jamie Lynn, who she accuses of “exploiting her for monetary gain” in her new memoir. Spears has threatened to sue Lynn if she continues to make ‘derogatory’ statements about the singer while promoting her new book, while Spears’ attorney Mathew Rosengart claims Lynn’s memoir contains several “misleading or outrageous claims” about the singer. 


The book reportedly details Lynn’s life story as well as her relationship with her older sister Britney, whose behavior is described as “erratic,” “paranoid,” and “spiraling.” However, Lynn has stated in a recent Instagram post that her book isn’t solely about the singer, and that she couldn’t “help that she was born a Spears too,” so some of her experiences inevitably revolved around her sister.