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It seems ‘Battlefield 2042’ doesn’t need an anti-cheat system; its performance issues are so bad that even cheats don’t work properly, leading one provider to drop support for the game.

According to a screenshot taken from a Discord server and posted by gaming industry insider Tom Henderson, a popular cheat provider has announced it will no longer be selling cheats for ‘Battlefield 2042’, saying the game’s performance issues make it difficult to get them to work properly. The second stated reason for dropping support is a decline in interest among players towards the game, and with it a fall in the number willing to pay to win unfairly.

The cheat creator told its supporters who pay a lifetime subscription that they will instead be offered a cheat for any of the ‘Call of Duty’ games.

The launch of ‘Battlefield 2042’ can be described as nothing short of disastrous. Merely two months after its release, players are already abandoning it in droves and demanding refunds. The main concerns have been rampant performance issues, limited content, and poorly designed game mechanics which have made the game frustrating for most players.