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5 Jan, 2022 15:31

YouTuber calls out Joe Rogan for thinking ‘he’s healthier than everyone’

The 36-year-old host of the H3 Podcast is trying to convince people he and the 54-year-old UFC commentator have ‘the same body’
YouTuber calls out Joe Rogan for thinking ‘he’s healthier than everyone’

YouTuber Ethan Klein has been scrutinized after criticizing the health of popular podcaster Joe Rogan, a trained fighter who has questioned Covid-19 vaccines and government mandates.

“Joe Rogan, who lives on elk meat, egg yolk, and human growth hormone, with lungs full of tar, thinks he’s healthier than everyone,” Klein, who has made headlines for past verbal feuds with YouTubers like Trisha Paytas, tweeted on Tuesday. 

Klein then criticized Rogan for his ‘kitchen sink’ approach to treating Covid, referring to Rogan previously saying he’d treated his own Covid-19 infection with a slew of drugs, including ivermectin. He then lashed out at media figures falsely claiming it was “horse dewormer,” which is only one aspect of the drug. 

Klein said if Rogan is “so healthy,” then he should have just waited it out “like you say a man should.” He also accused Rogan of spreading vaccine “misinformation” and labeled him a “f**king piece of s**t” in a tweet

Rogan has been clear on his popular podcast, titled The Joe Rogan Experience, that he is for Covid-19 vaccines, especially for people at higher risk against Covid, but he has questioned vaccines being the sole treatment to Covid, as well as the idea of younger people at relatively low risk being mandated to take it. A recent interview with vaccine critic Dr. Robert Malone saw Rogan facing censorship, as YouTube took down clips of the interview, while others have claimed Rogan is feeding vaccine hesitancy. 

Klein is one of the few, however, to take the approach of criticizing Rogan’s actual health. The podcaster and comedian is known for exploring fitness and diet through his podcast. He is also a trained fighter and a UFC commentator. As many took to posting pictures of Klein and Rogan next to each other to emphasize that Klein may not want to be judge and jury for who is a “health expert,” the podcaster simply doubled down and blasted Rogan as a “conspiracy theorist” and claimed they have the “same body.”

“Seems the talking points of the day boil down to fat man bad strong man good,” Klein tweeted. 

Rogan has not responded to Klein’s comments. The Spotify podcaster recently announced he had joined Gettr, a social media platform started by Donald Trump ally Jason Miller that has pitched itself as an alternative to Twitter in light of accusations of censorship. Rogan’s switch followed Twitter suspending people like Malone and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia).