IAEA wants wide-scale examination of Syria over 2007 bombings by Israel

Syria has accused Israel of dropping uranium particles on its soil during a 2007 bombing raid in an attempt to make it look like a nuclear weapons plant was the target. IAEA wants to conduct more checks at the site.

The UN's nuclear watchdog – the International Atomic Energy Agency – wants to re-examine the site of  the bombings but Syria strongly denies any allegations it's been attempting to acquire a nuclear bomb.

And there have been official reports confirming this, political analyst Thabet Salem told RT.

“During two visits of IAEA experts to Syria there were reports that no traces of nuclear facilities were found in the area of the bombings,” he said.

“There are voices within the Agency who are calling for a wide-scale examination of Syrian sites throughout the country. Of course, as a sovereign state Syria will never allow this. We have lessons from the past. Something could be prepared for Syria,” Salem added.