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Inside the Pentagon: Brains behind top brass

It’s been a month since the changing of the guard in Washington, including members of the top brass in the military. Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof analyzes the role of Army General turned-Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. In the aftermath of US airstrikes on Syria, what other strategic hotspots are the armed forces keeping an eye on? Moviegoers rejoice! Theaters prepare to re-open for the debut of 2020’s delayed blockbusters, including the new ‘Top Gun’ and ‘Ghostbusters’. 2021 has already proven to be a rollercoaster ride for bitcoin investors. Boom Bust co-host Christy Ai explains the ins and outs of cryptocurrency, as digital wallets have enjoyed returns as high as 900% this year alone. Will bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies become the non-gold standard for investments? Plus, NASA releases audio captured by its Mars Perseverance rover, treating us earthlings to the eerie sounds of the Red Planet.