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Psaki Phooey

The White House goes after RT, claiming it has an agenda... Steve Malzberg will respond.

Has AOC been embellishing parts the story she's been telling about the day the capital was attacked. Investigative Journalist Sharyl Attkisson will weigh in on that.

He landed in the hospital after being attacked at a protest, and now he has written the book on those that threw the punches and more... Journalist Andy Ngo will be here to tell you what the mainstream media won't about ANTIFA.

MSNBC Host Tiffany Cross wants to sanitize anyone who ever supported Donald Trump, including former Trump communications director Anthony Scaramucci, and he doesn't like it one bit. We'll show you the fireworks and the fun.

Psaki Phooey
‘Eat the Press’ is a take-no-prisoners media critique bloodbath hosted by Steve Malzberg. Watch him expose the smugness, hypocrisy, bias and lies that saturate mainstream news and reveal its so-called journalism for what it really is.