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Trump pardons Iraq War criminals

Prices for over 300 prescription drugs are set to increase in 2021 as the pandemic rages on. A UK court blocks the US request to extradite Julian Assange, citing concerns for his mental health and physical well-being. Despite a whopping $8 billion spent on political ads, this election season proved conventional TV ads may be all but obsolete in swaying the decisions of voters.

While the clock ticks down for Trump’s time in office, his latest batch of presidential pardons for Iraq War criminals has stirred controversy. Founded by Erik Prince, contractors from the Blackwater group were convicted of killing 17 unarmed Iraqi civilians in the Nisour Square massacre of 2007. Despite tragedies like this, US armed forces continue to maintain deep ties with private contractors who essentially supply mercenaries for hire. Attorney Becca Timmons explains an emergency recall by the FDA for a popular catheter used to remove blood clots during brain surgery. Manufactured by Penumbra, the faulty device has actually caused ruptured arteries, strokes, and even death.

Plus, a federal court has ruled hospitals must disclose all healthcare costs to patients before they undergo treatment.

Trump pardons Iraq War criminals
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