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Media is looking to bury Trump

Donald Trump contracts the coronavirus, goes to the hospital and returns to the White House days later, all the while excoriated by a mainstream media that seems to be losing its collective mind. We'll show you all the craziness right here.

Postpone the election over fraudulent ballots? Actor Robert Davi says not enough attention is being paid to irregularities being uncovered around the country, and he blames the media big time. The outspoken conservative will be here to discuss...

Human trafficking, a term we hear from time to time, but how many of us know exactly what it is. And why is the media ignoring the problem to the detriment of the victims, many of whom are young children. Lynn Shaw and Lionel are here to weigh in.

Did you happen to catch the season premiere of Saturday night live last week? It was open season on the president, who was in the hospital recuperating from the Coronavirus at the time, and he wasn't the only target that night.

Media is looking to bury Trump
‘Eat the Press’ is a take-no-prisoners media critique bloodbath hosted by Steve Malzberg. Watch him expose the smugness, hypocrisy, bias and lies that saturate mainstream news and reveal its so-called journalism for what it really is.