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Trump threatens Europe & Bezos’ spyware saga

Just after paving the way toward a trade deal with China and major developments on the USMCA agreement, President Trump has now threatened to open up a new front in his tariff war. We take a look at his comments in Davos, and what it may hold in store for Transatlantic relations, with Richard Wolff, host of the Economic Update. Plus, new scares of a fast-moving virus have shaken markets as the first case in the US has been reported. Dr. Xi Chen of Yale’s School of Public Health is on hand to give us the big picture on the virus, and how the scare has spooked stocks. And new allegations have come to light against the Saudi Crown Prince from the world’s richest man. Mollye Barrows of America’s Lawyer takes us into the spyware scandal that has swept up both Jeff Bezos and Mohammed bin Salman.