​Turkish conspiracy to provoke Syria war ‘unlikely’ to go as planned now

​Turkish conspiracy to provoke Syria war ‘unlikely’ to go as planned now
Turkey’s plan, recently leaked to the media, to stage an attack in Syria to trigger a military intervention was most likely being pushed forward and backed by the US, still desperate to depose President Assad, political analyst Lew Rockwell told RT.

RT:The leaked audiotapes revealed Turkey’s highest ministers were staging an anti-Assad military intervention in Syria. Now the authenticity of that recording has not been yet verified, but the PM claims it is a breach of national security, does that mean the leaked audio is real?

Lew Rockwell: Well, sure it is real. And in fact, the prime minister in effect said that it was real by all of his comments about it and shutting down YouTube. If it were a phony thing, they wouldn't be shutting down YouTube in an attempt to censor it.

So it is a very important look into how so many countries operate. Turkey were saying ‘We're going to stage attacks on Turkey, probably kill a number of people in order to then blame it on the Syrians so then we can invade Syria and kill a lot of Syrians.’ Well, Turkey ought to be leaving Syria alone. The US should leave Syria alone too. But so many people are killed in Syria, and when you see Turkey, a NATO ally of course of the US, I'm sure it is doing the US bidding in this. I'm sure not in their own interest to invade Syria, to have their troops killed and support more deaths.

God bless whomever put this on YouTube, because it is a great peek into the way governments operate and how they gen-up wars that they would like to have happened and blame it on somebody else.

RT:What is the interest of Turkey of unleashing a full scale war with Syria at the moment?

LF: I don’t think it is in Turkey's interest, but I assume people are being paid off by the EU, by the US. Because the US with the help of Turkey, a lot of these insurgents were trained at American military bases and air force bases in Turkey, then put into Syria. Syrian insurgents also has gotten all shipments of weapons from Turkey. This is all coordinated with the US. The US wants to overthrow Bashar Assad and have been very, very upset that the American people oppose the US doing more of this war. The US ought to get out and stop messing with other people's countries, stop killing people and just mind our own business. We have plenty of problems here at home without killing people in Syria.

And Turkey should not be doing US's bidding. Maybe this will have a great effect on Turkish people, who'll say: ‘We don’t want to do the US's bidding, we should mind our own business in Turkey too and not go kill people in Syria.’

RT:Given the leak of this conversation how likely is it that Turkey will go ahead with a plan like this? The people might not want this but there are people in government suggesting these methods...

LF: Well I think of course it is true, you can’t really trust people in government. But I think they won’t do this exact same thing. They are not going to attack this tomb, this religious monument and claim that Syrians were doing it.

There is religious hatred going on because of religious differences between Syria and Turkey, so that is why they wanted Syrians to appear to attack this sacred Turkish tomb. But it is not going to be the same thing.

But I do not believe that the US is giving up on its attempt to overthrow the Syrian government. I don’t believe that its allies, whether it is Israel or Turkey or whomever else, are giving up the attempt to overthrow the Syrian government, kill a lot of people. I think all the chemical weapons attacks were false flags as well. And I hope to goodness the Turkish people to rise up and say: ‘Don’t do this. Let’s mind our own business, let’s not go kill innocent people in another country.’

The US of course ought to be doing that too, but killing people in other countries is the US's daily bread, however.