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28 Oct, 2021 19:25

Disney hosting ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’: Yet another instance of corporate America pushing the sickening sexualization of children

Disney hosting ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’: Yet another instance of corporate America pushing the sickening sexualization of children

Nothing screams “Halloween!” like Disney giving kids the chance to explore ‘gender fluidity’ with ‘queer role models.’ This begs the question: where do we draw the line between corporate virtue signaling and pedophilia?

This week, it was revealed that Disney is hosting a drag-queen story hour for the children of its employees. The virtual Halloween-themed event will capture “the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood,” while giving impressionable youngsters “glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models,” according to Disney emails seen by Breitbart News. 

In my childhood, the worst thing parents had to worry about during Halloween was the possibility of some deranged neighbor sinking a razorblade into the flesh of an apple to deliver to some unsuspecting child. Today, by comparison, parents must concern themselves with the possibility of some rogue corporation sticking a diabolical idea into the soft skull of their offspring with potentially life-altering consequences. All things considered, I’d rather take my chances with the razorblade.

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Can anyone explain how it is remotely educational for kids to attend a Drag Queen Story Hour where some hirsute dude named Lil’ Miss Hot Mess, Angel Elektra or maybe Flame, dressed up in some grotesque caricature of the opposite sex, reads aloud from books with suggestive titles like, Teddy’s Favorite Toy, My Princess Boy, and Worm Loves Worm. Call me old fashioned, but these carnal performances belong in an inner-city burlesque theater for middle-age men where stale beer is served, not the local public library where the focus should be on innocence and learning. Quite frankly, all of this borders on pedophilia, child abuse and civilizational self destruction.  

Equally maddening about these lewd reading sessions is that society’s self-anointed virtue squad will hunt down and publicly shame anyone found guilty of ‘cultural appropriation.’ Yet these same defenders of public mores have no qualms with a bunch of dudes ‘apropriating’ the hypersexualized parodies of the opposite sex, even in the presence of minors. Have we lost our everloving minds? We’d rather scold little Johnny for wanting to dress up like a cowboy or an Indian or maybe Dave Chappelle for Halloween, yet nobody thinks twice if he’s forced to sit through Drag Queen Happy Hour with a bunch of men trussed up like five-dollar hookers. 

Now not even Disney can resist getting in on the strange fetish. Admittedly, the stories of behemoth corporations groveling in the mud before the woke mob are a dime a dozen. With every new rising sun, yet another weak-souled CEO compromises his company’s reputation by virtue-signaling on behalf of the latest brainchild of the twisted progressive mindset. I used to believe that these reckless actions were merely ham-fisted efforts on the part of corporate executives to pillage yet another target market. Now I’m really not so sure.

In the not-so-distant past, corporations were obsessed with protecting the reputation of their brands, and not always successfully. Back in 1985, for example, the Coca-Cola Company, anxious over its rival Pepsi gaining ground on the fizzy water battlefield, committed one of the worst marketing blunders of all time when it changed its centuries-old recipe. The backlash came swift and sudden and eventually Coca Cola was forced to surrender and give consumers what they wanted. 

Today, by comparison, corporations are much more concerned with placating the minority woke crowd, even though this has a tendency to butcher its bottom line. With every commercial that grandstands on transgender lifestyles, or toxic masculinity, the only thing the preachy, tone-deaf corporation stands to gain is the alienation of their base.

So why is corporate America not calling the bluff of the cancel-culture fanatics by doing what it does best – selling products, not ideology. The only answer I can come up with is that companies have become so infected with political ideology that they would rather see their consumer base rush for the emergency exits than cease and desist from lecturing the weary public on politically volatile subjects.

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It may even be suggested that transnational corporations – which would certainly include Walt Disney World, truly a powerful kingdom unto itself – have gobbled up so much of the Monopoly board that alienating their base no longer figures into their boardroom calculations. Such a state of affairs gives many left-leaning companies the freedom to pander to the radical progressive agenda without worrying about the consequences. Although consumers may threaten to boycott a product following a company’s pimping out a controversial message (as many consumers threatened to do in the wake of Gillette’s hugely unpopular commercial on ‘toxic masculinity’), these public outbursts usually amount to a lot of smoke without the fire. Thus, thanks to the relative weakness of consumers today, corporations are no longer limited to simply generating a profit, they are free to promote, with all the resources at their command, a highly divisive political agenda at the same time. Even ones that arguably endanger the wellbeing of children.   

The tragic irony of this dramatic turnaround in corporate behavior is that these beasts of prey are no longer purely capitalist creatures. Rather, given the ideology behind the strange agendas they are promoting, corporations are becoming more aligned with leftist thinking – Cultural Marxism, as some have labeled it – than with pure capitalism. While I am not sure exactly what Walt Disney would make of all this, corporations playing the part of political activists for a radical progressive agenda is profoundly disturbing, wholly un-American, and, I would argue, is largely responsible for dividing U.S. culture like never before. Tragically, the greatest victims of this radical overhaul of the 'American way' are the children, who have become mere pawns in the woke wars now ravaging the country. Corporate America should stop peddling nonsense on behalf of radicals and get back to its capitalist roots. 

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