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14 Sep, 2021 12:23

Twenty years on from 9/11, the ‘War on Terror’ has morphed into a ‘war’ against the West’s own populations

Twenty years on from 9/11, the ‘War on Terror’ has morphed into a ‘war’ against the West’s own populations

The obligatory references to ‘freedom and democracy’ from Western leaders to mark the 20th anniversary of 9-11 seemed particularly hollow this year bearing in mind what is currently being rolled out in the countries they govern.

There was a certain symmetry about the West’s withdrawal from Afghanistan considering it was almost exactly twenty years since the 9-11 attacks and the subsequent US-led invasion. That military intervention marked the start of the ‘War on Terror’.  On the grounds that it was ‘sheltering terrorists’ the Taliban was targeted, and then the war machine moved on to Iraq – which we were told had WMDs, and after that Libya and Syria.

The double standards and contradictions were there for all to see. Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11, its secular strongman Saddam Hussein was a bulwark against the likes of Al-Qaeda. Ditto Assad in Syria and Gaddafi in Libya.

We all knew these ‘regime change’ wars had more to do with profits than prophets. They were about extending global hegemony and toppling governments which didn't toe the line and most certainly nothing to do with promoting ‘democracy’ or ‘human rights‘ . 

Now, with the withdrawal from Afghanistan, we seem to be moving on to a new chapter. One in which the target populations for ’colonisation’ are for once not abroad, but at home. 

Consider the way that the countries which invaded Afghanistan – and took part in the other wars mentioned above, under the banner of ‘Freedom and Democracy’, have morphed into authoritarian police states since March 2020, with hard lockdown Australia being the most shocking example. 

Stay at home orders. The  arrest of people not following the ‘rules’. The quite appalling threat that those who are unvaccinated won’t ever again be able to participate in everyday life – even though we know the new vaccines don’t prevent transmission. People have even been prevented from visiting their seriously ill loved ones in hospital, or hugging bereaved relatives at funerals. Just how inhumane is that?

The bombs may not have been falling on Western populations, as they did on Afghans, Libyans and Iraqis, but nevertheless I don’t think it’s hyperbolic at all to describe what‘s been going on these last 18 months as a kind of war. There’s certainly been relentless psychological warfare, designed to wear us down physically and mentally, with lockdowns and threat of further lockdowns being a key component in the new ‘Project Fear’.

Take what’s just happened in one 24-hour period in Britain as an example. Having threatened us for weeks about mandating vaccine passports for large events from October 1, the Health Secretary Sajid Javid said yesterday that the government would not now be going ahead with the plans. Today though we hear they’re  ‘a first-line of defence’ of the government’s plans for the autumn and winter. Remember too the date when the government first announced that vaccine passports were coming. It was July 19, which was meant to be  ‘Freedom Day’. We should have been out celebrating that day but instead we were deliberately made to feel worried sick about what lay ahead in the autumn. It's been like this ever since March last year. 

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Boris Johnson might be the PM, (and what a rotten one he is too), but the influential behind-the-scenes networker and uber-globalist Tony Blair is the key figure who links the old ‘War on Terror’, with the new war on Western populations and their centuries-old freedoms.

‘The Blair Creature’ , whose Institute has received generous funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, failed in his attempt to introduce inherently anti-British ID cards to Britain when he was prime minister but is now pushing hard – very hard – for vaccine passports. “I think you’re going to the stage where it’s going to be very hard for people to do a lot of normal life unless they can prove their vaccination status,” he declared menacingly earlier this year. And we all know that vaccine passports, if they do come in, won’t end with vaccination status, but morph in time into a full digitalised ID card and a freedom-busting social credit system.

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Blair's not the only link. It’s hard not to notice that the same gatekeepers and narrative managers who have tried to police the debate on the Western-led wars of choice of the last 20 years, have, since 2020 been doing exactly the same on Covid. The pejorative and highly-weaponised terms ‘Anti-vaxxer’ and 'Covid-denier' have been used to smear anyone who expresses concern over the disproportionate measures and authoritarian direction of travel, in the same way that ‘Saddam apologist’ was used to decry anyone who questioned whether Iraq actually had weapons of mass destruction. Then, as now, the aim was to stop people from speaking out.

The biggest threat we face at present is not more Iraq-style wars of aggression abroad, but the war to destroy our liberties which is going on, right in front of our very eyes, at home – and carried on under the guise of  protecting us from coronavirus. 

Yet many anti-imperialists seem stuck in an early 2000s time-warp and aren‘t appearing to notice that the same people who promoted the conflicts they rightly opposed have moved on to the next stage of the anti-democratic, globalist agenda. Afghanistan may have been important in 2001, as the gateway to a series of post 9-11 wars, but in 2021, there’s an even bigger operation being undertaken. Namely, implementing the Davos set’s ‘Great Reset’ and all that it entails.

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