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15 Jul, 2021 15:29

Dump the ‘woke’ or go broke: Will Democrats (finally) heed strategist’s warnings on left-wing madness?

Dump the ‘woke’ or go broke: Will Democrats (finally) heed strategist’s warnings on left-wing madness?

Famed strategist James Carville has told Democrats to disassociate themselves from the radical left-wing fringe of their party if they want to continue winning elections. But is it too late to cancel ‘cancel culture’?

In the presidential debates against Donald Trump, then-Democrat candidate Joe Biden, in an effort to prove he was a predictable moderate who would not be manipulated by the radical left-wing progressives in his party, remarked, “I am the Democratic Party!” That comment has not aged well. In fact, he may as well have said something equally preposterous, like, “Read my lips, no new taxes!”

Despite early pledges that he would keep the left-wing impulses of the Democratic Party in check, each day brings more proof that Biden is powerless to stop the weird social justice movement that has swept the nation like a pandemic. Yet as James Carville has warned – and not for the first time – unless Biden tames these ‘woke’ social experiments, the Democrats will continue to alienate their political base.

“Look, this whole noisy, identity left is 15% of the Democratic Party,” Carville said in an interview on CNN’s ‘Cuomo Prime Time.’ “Yet, we pay such a terrible political price for a slightly more than fringe element of our party…”

Carville, who rose to national fame for organizing Bill Clinton’s successful 1993 presidential campaign, continued, “The overwhelming number of Democrats, the most important constituents in our party, are Blacks and suburban women — they’re not into this, all right? And again, we’re seeing it time and time again. We’re letting a noisy wing of our party define the rest of us. And my point is we can’t do that.

“People are way more interested in their lives and how to improve them than they are in somebody else’s pronoun or something,” he added.

Carville is too politically astute to mention the offending Democrat radicals by name, but he is referring to the four freshmen House members who became popularly known as ‘The Squad’ following their victories in the 2018 elections. The femmes fatales of the progressive movement are: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan.

What is so baffling and even suspicious about the rise of these four women of color and their ‘un-American’ brand of politics is the dizzying speed in which it happened. Especially in the case of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the photogenic former bartender who rose to celebrity status for the singular achievement of … drumroll, please! … defeating a fellow Democrat for a seat in the US House of Representatives. And that’s really about it.

In fact, the only standout features of ‘AOC,’ as she has been affectionately dubbed by the fawning media, are her youth – at the age of 29, she became the youngest woman to be elected to Congress – and her membership in the Democratic Socialists of America.

Perhaps those ‘accomplishments’ might be worthy of a Sunday newspaper feature, but they are hardly the credentials necessary for radically revamping the internal principles of the Democratic Party, much to the chagrin of Nancy Pelosi and other veterans (at this point, I will spare the reader the abundance of ‘conspiracy theories’ that Cortez’s rise to celebrity status got a boost by George Soros, the philanthropist whose support of radical progressives is no secret).

Carville correctly observed that the Defund the Police movement, for example, the political brainchild of social justice groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, together with the rise of ‘language police,’ who are tasked with making sure no person is ever victimized by being ‘misgendered,’ cost the Democratic Party Black and Hispanic voters in the 2020 election.

At the same time, parents/voters are at wit’s end as the reality of what their children are being taught inside of the public school system is coming to light.

From the earliest age, students are being introduced to the controversial concepts of transgender and alternative sexual lifestyles, with public libraries joining in the action with totally deranged ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ events. On top of this perverse sex-drenched curriculum, students are also being subjected to yet another unproven ideology known as ‘Critical Race Theory,’ which, in a nutshell, says that all white people, thanks in part to their inborn sense of ‘privilege,’ are racist.

This month, the National Education Association (NEA), the nation’s largest teachers’ union, voted to support the tenets of Critical Race Theory (CRT), which teaches that America is plagued by ‘systemic racism.’ The union represents some three million public school workers in 14,000 local school districts across all 50 states.

So, what are the chances that Joe Biden, 78, will have the temerity and vitality to bring the fanatic young radicals inside of his party to heel? At this point in the game, with woke ideology deeply entrenched in all four corners of the country – even inside the ranks of the military – it appears the US leader is facing mission impossible. To add to the direness of the situation, to quote Carville, the US leader “didn’t even know what wokeness is.”

Strangely, however, the political strategist tended to address the problems now facing the Party as one simply related to public perception and communication. The Democratic Party, he said, just has to be “more effective and more determined in our communications.” In other words, perhaps if the Democrats and their supportive media stop giving so much attention to the woke movement, people will just stop obsessing over it.

Or they could always blame the ultimate arch villain, Donald J. Trump, for their failures. When the conversation shifted to crime in the United States, Chris Cuomo nervously wondered about the Democrats’ record for “keeping [criminals] on the street, even when they do bad things.”

Here, the wily strategist displayed the deceitful duplicity that helped solidify his reputation as a formidable campaign adviser. Without ever mentioning Black Lives Matter, Antifa and the violence that consumed huge swaths of urban areas in the wake of George Floyd’s death, Carville noted that “when President Clinton took office, up until the third year of the Trump administration, crime and violent crime in this country had gone down precipitously.”

So what was responsible for the huge uptick of violence in 2020? “The only thing that changed,” Carville said with a straight face, “was the Trump presidency, who was a lawless president, who promoted lawlessness.”

Without ever alluding to the Democrats’ abysmal failure to punish the mob as it looted and burned its way across America, Carville didn’t waste an opportunity slamming the “loony insurrectionists” who stormed the Capitol on January 6. Speaking about the progressives inside of the Democratic Party, he said, “I think these people are all kind of nice people. I think they’re very naive, and they’re all into language and identity. And that's all right. They’re not storming the Capitol. But they’re not winning elections.”

In other words, ‘we Democrats may have our faults, but we’d never be crazy enough to storm the Capitol building.’ Yet Carville and Cuomo fail to remind their listeners that supporters of their party would be “crazy enough” to storm a federal courthouse in Portland, declare an autonomous zone in the middle of Seattle, and swarm members of the Republican opposition in the heart of Washington, DC.

Also on rt.com Biden and the DNC want to censor text messages to stop ‘misinformation’ – well, ‘if it saves just one life,’ who needs privacy?

So now it looks as though the Democrats have two options, moving forward. Firstly, ditch woke theory and cancel culture, which are totally foreign concepts to the majority of most Americans. Or continue with business as usual, pushing woke insanity on every corner of the country, but try to ‘communicate’ a more agreeable message. All things considered, I’m guessing the Democrats will go with the latter option, even though it will spell the destruction of the country as we know it.

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