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7 May, 2021 15:01

The Republicans are going to fail if people like Liz Cheney keep knifing them in the back just to win plaudits from the left

The Republicans are going to fail if people like Liz Cheney keep knifing them in the back just to win plaudits from the left

It was recently revealed that Congresswoman Liz Cheney organized an op-ed in the Washington Post that was anti-Trump. If this behavior becomes the rule instead of the exception, expect Republicans to continue to lose elections.

In this day and age, the amount of anti-American sentiment from the Democratic Party is astounding. Furthermore, it often comes across that they want their opposition party completely eliminated. Now, more than ever, the Republican Party needs a united front to make sure that doesn’t happen and the country about which they claim to be so patriotic is preserved.

But instead of doing that, in the background, Liz Cheney is screeching about Donald Trump for literally no reason. Going back to before he lost the election to Biden, she organized an article for the Washington Post that got together all of the living former defense secretaries along with her father to chastise Trump. Even after Trump left office, he still seems to live in her head rent free. Her actions during Trump’s second impeachment hearing are evidence enough. She seemed to convince herself that the worst thing that was happening to the United States was Donald Trump as president as opposed to Antifa setting fire to half the nation. 

I completely understand that Donald Trump can be a bit of a jerk. He says some things that are completely stupid, and he has a tendency to insult former Republican leaders, but at the end of the day, these are just words and opinions. There is a country that is in desperate need of good leadership, and when you make moves to undermine the person in charge who is trying to keep that nation together, it seems like a waste of time.

This is the major issue I see from the old guard of Republicans like Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney. It seems to be an issue with seeing the big picture. The idea that Donald Trump was the greatest issue in the United States when the far left brought it up was preposterous, so there’s no reason to think it wouldn’t be any less preposterous when anyone else brings it up. Especially now he’s out of office and banned from virtually every social media platform, there’s no reason to worry about him. 

The question that should always be asked by any elected official is whether or not they are taking the time that day to make sure that constituents are being represented. When you look at a congresswoman like Liz Cheney or a senator like Mitt Romney, you’ll also see the states they represent overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump. The fact is that these individuals are not focusing on what their constituents want. They are focusing on their own egos. That’s why Liz Cheney is popping up on MSNBC, CNN, and in the Washington Post to try and get a pat on the back from people who would never vote for her in a million years because she has an ‘R’ after her name.

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If you have disagreements with how other Republicans view how the US should be governed, the proverbial tent does not need to be shrunk. Discussions can still be had on the way forward. The last thing that’s needed is the desire to simply put knives in people’s backs when they’re turned, as opposed to actually doing your darn job.

It’s at this point that these people need to decide who they want to model themselves after. Would you rather be like George Washington and seek to defend the home that you love so much, or would you prefer to be Benedict Arnold and sell it out to those who wish it to not exist anymore. Because all of this backroom egotistical nonsense isn’t doing anyone any favors.

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