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9 Apr, 2021 20:07

Tara Reade: Since when are we a police state? Officers visit activist after a tweet critical of AOC. Her office denies involvement

Tara Reade: Since when are we a police state? Officers visit activist after a tweet critical of AOC. Her office denies involvement

Americans, especially those in politics, like to talk about freedom of speech and freedom to protest being the bedrock of our constitution. But as one recent example shows, even tame criticism can earn you uncomfortable scrutiny.

As the tech companies collude with the Democratic National Committee to deplatform and censor in the name of safety and stability, more voices of dissent are silenced. Niccolo Machiavelli said, “It is much safer to be feared than loved.” ‘The Prince’ is the OG of playbooks for the leaders who want a blueprint on ruling with fear – and perhaps the preferred reading of the Biden/Harris administration, the Democrats in Congress and the tech giants they are in league with, effectively using fear to silence and protect the status quo. There is a recent example of this with the case of Ryan Wentz. I spoke to him after he had tweeted on social media about a visit from the police.

Ryan says he was visited at his home in Los Angeles by two California highway patrolmen who said they were there on behalf of the Capitol Police to inquire if he was threatening to kill a sitting congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Ryan denied this vehemently and denied that he had any tweets or messages that were even remotely violent. The only time he tweeted something critical of AOC was when he questioned her stance on the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

They asked Ryan where he worked. They asked if Ryan had guns, they asked about Ryan’s family and they asked him about his mental health. The officers left saying this was not “an investigation” but an inquiry. According to Ryan, peppered with questions and left quite shaken, the patrolmen indicated that AOC’s office had reported this to Capitol Police, and California Highway Patrol has vaguely admitted it “assists in investigations at the request of allied agencies” and redirected inquiries to Capitol Police.

AOC’s office, however, has denied asking Capitol Police to investigate Ryan.

Ryan did not see the car they the patrolmen had driven, but says he saw their IDs and badges confirming they were indeed members of the CHP. The whole encounter left him feeling frightened and intimidated.

Welcome to the American Police State.

Ryan is a cohost of Left Bitches, a podcast that examines the American political experience from a progressive point of view. He is also a social media content provider for Soapbox (which Twitter and Facebook have tagged as Russian state-controlled media for its affiliations with RT). I have a theory that there is a concentrated effort to stop international and alternative media outlets from being active in the US. This erasing of other outlets will be done under the guise that all other views are spreading “misinformation” that is a clear and present danger to the interest of the United States.

If Ryan Wentz is in trouble for his tame critique of AOC then it explains why some journalists refer to me as if I am public enemy number one. My revelations regarding Joe Biden’s sexual misconduct were promptly swept under the corporate media rug but not without some character attacks on me for good measure. The result of the attacks on my credibility had a powerful negative domino effect.

Last summer, I was threatened with prison. After coming forward about Joe Biden, it was said I lied about my education. I did not. This led to a criminal investigation with sealed search warrants by the Monterey DA.

Later that month, a separate piece of information came my way. An attorney from Twitter contacted me.

He said that he had to file motions in court to even be allowed to tell me that my Twitter account was being subpoenaed by the Department of Justice on behalf of the FBI. I asked if my other social media and email accounts were subpoenaed, I received no answer about this except some companies do not need to notify the subscriber if the search warrants are sealed.
I called the FBI and asked about it. I was told I could not be given any further information as the case was sealed even if it involved me. My attorney called the DOJ and the Twitter attorney but no further information was given. There was a grand jury impaneled.

Was I the subject of this investigation or was I not? This remains a mystery, all cloaks and daggers.

When I read Ryan’s tweet about being intimidated by law enforcement, I felt great empathy. In the course of his activism and work he is being sent a message to be silent.

In the course of my coming forward about my experiences working in the Senate for Joe Biden, I have also been sent a clear message to be silent. It never occurred to me that simply telling the truth would become a political act.

All this, as we criticize other nations about their human rights records. Meanwhile, those of us that speak out with any critique of the Democrats in power will have to wonder whether that next knock at our doors is the police state coming for us.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.