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24 Mar, 2021 19:38

Racial segregation is mainstream again...being pushed-for by PROGRESSIVES

Racial segregation is mainstream again...being pushed-for by PROGRESSIVES

The woke believe that people of color should stick to their own to be safe from ‘white supremacy’ – but no matter the reasoning behind it, this is nothing but racist segregation.

In a recent interview, American actress Olivia Munn revealed that she believes white men directing “Black stories, Asian stories, Latinx stories” is tantamount to “systemic whitewashing.

In regard to HBO’s new documentary on Tiger Woods, Munn lamented that the coverage was so negative because “it was told through the eyes of two men who do not know what it is like to live life in a Black man’s skin, or see the world through the eyes of an Asian man’s eyes.”

And echoing Munn’s belief that races should stick to their own, Columbia University also went viral this month for featuring different graduation ceremonies for a variety of distinct identity groups, such as separate ceremonies for “Black” or “Latinx” students. 

After receiving backlash online, the university clarified that attendance at these ceremonies was completely voluntary, and was in addition to, not instead of, the university-wide commencement. Officials insisted that “These events are important, intimate and welcoming spaces for students aligned with these groups to come together to celebrate their achievements, if they wish.

And not to be outdone in the realm of “Bad Ideas That Should Have Never Been Thought Of,” Elon University similarly raised eyebrows with an attempted “Whites Only” event that aimed to “give white people a space to learn about and process their awareness of and complicity in unjust systems without harming their friends of color.”

The white self-flagellation seminar ended up never happening, but the reasoning behind it is now common in progressive thought. It seems that, in 2021, segregation is once again mainstream.

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The New “Anti-Racism”

Racial segregation is regarded by many as a cruel relic that stains American history but, according to critical race theorists, such practices aren’t always bigoted. On the contrary, they can actually be anti-racist, and an important part of dismantling white supremacy. 

Too often, according to the left, white people co-opt the stories, successes and ideas of People of Color. And since when whites are around, it is in their nature to overshadow and oppress non-whites, it therefore makes sense to have “safe spaces” for POC, where they can be free to live their lives away from white marginalization. And in the same vein, the best place for white people to learn to dismantle their racism without causing offense to their melanated peers, are groups where they can interact exclusively with other white people. 

It’s true that, to the casual observer, such practices may sound identical to the Jim Crow era segregation that civil rights leaders fought so hard against but, according to “anti-racism” activists, the motivations behind today’s segregation are completely different from those of the 1950s. While past segregationists sought to keep the races separate because they believed people of the same race could better relate to one another, and that one race was innately inferior, today’s segregationists instead aim to keep the races separate because… Well, they believe that people of the same race can better relate to one another, and that one race is innately oppressive.

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If It Looks Like a Duck and Quacks Like a Duck…

Regardless of the reasoning behind it, separating people on the basis of skin color is, by definition, racist. And while it’s no secret that many in the far left are happy to use their warped ideology as a means to justify their resentment toward white people and everything western, what will likely surprise people is just how prominent and mainstream this ideology has become.

Woke segregation is no longer an exclusively online or fringe phenomenon – with feminist bloggers pushing the idea of POC-only workshops. College campuses have completely embraced the need to protect their delicate non-white students from their “domineering” white counterparts, and even multinational corporations have been quick to institute mandatory trainings for the employees, explaining concepts such as “white allyship” and “whiteness as a social construct.

And while progressives may insist that all of this is meant to improve race relations, the assumptions that critical race theory makes about human nature and interactions instead calls into question whether people of different races can live harmoniously together at all.

If white people and non-white people really can’t relate to each other the same way they do people of their own races, and if interracial interactions are bound to be tainted by prejudice and oppressive power dynamics, then why push for multiculturalism at all? Surely, if POC are safest and happiest in POC-only spaces, wouldn’t a POC-only country be better for non-white people than somewhere like America or the UK, where they will be racial minorities, doomed to lives of subservience to white people? 

And if this all does follow, then why does the progressive left also simultaneously encourage non-white immigration to western nations in the first place? Advocating for mass migration has become a staple of the far-left, but if their ideology is consistent, wouldn’t these activists actually be encouraging POC to move to a country that is systemically opposed to them?

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This Is Not OK

Perhaps the only thing more mind-boggling than watching anti-racism activists try to justify segregation, is watching sane and well-meaning people go along with it. Most of us know we aren’t racist, and that it’s not acceptable to separate people based on skin color, and make assumptions about their beliefs or prejudices.

And yet, in order to appease people who will call us racist regardless of how much we try to placate them, far too many have agreed to go along with the agenda of these woke bullies. How many of us have sat through racial sensitivity training not because we actually believe in them, but because we simply don’t want to upset those who do?

Dismantling the power the progressive left has over our institutions will be no easy task, but the first step is, in theory, a relatively simple one: telling them no.

A stop to all of this nonsense is completely possible, but we need to be willing to put our collective foot down.

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