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9 Feb, 2021 13:34

Wayne Dupree: Mass illegal immigration threatens our American way of life, but Biden is opening the floodgates

Wayne Dupree: Mass illegal immigration threatens our American way of life, but Biden is opening the floodgates

It doesn’t take a genius to see the side Joe Biden is on and it ain’t that of the ordinary America. He is neglecting the first duty of government – to protect its citizens.

Anyone who loses their job or has their neighborhood flooded with illegal immigrants, and they happened to vote for Joe Biden during the 2020 election, will have got exactly what they deserved.

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There should be no complaining from the more than 50 percent of voters who elected this guy. We all knew he was going to do this. So now unemployment will go higher among the unskilled (who should really be complaining), the costs for welfare, medical care and food will increase, and crime will go up. The burden of paying for all this will fall on middle-class workers.

I believe that it’s time that Americans took illegal immigration seriously. These foreigners will come in their millions & many will commit crimes against our way of life. The government is no longer protecting you properly, and is neglecting its duty to keep its citizens safe. These pretend lawmakers in Washington want hordes of grateful new voters to guarantee they stay in power. We need to eliminate politicians who support the illegals rather than you. So vote those who oppose us out of office.

You hear how globalism will destroy America and everything we stand for, correct? So it begins. It will mean nothing to be an American citizen, as more of our tax dollars go on feeding, housing, and educating illegal immigrants. Crime will rise, and more drugs will make it onto our streets. Law enforcement will be handcuffed from protecting us and citizens will be forced to protect themselves. A bigger government is taking more of our freedom away as politicians get drunk on power.

The Biden administration is still fumbling around with vaccine distribution and the dark winter, and now he’s talking about undoing Trump’s policies on dealing with illegal immigration? What is wrong with this man? Does he not realize we are all under some form of quarantine because of the pandemic, and he is inviting more risks into this country? Is he going to use our Covid testing equipment on the immigrants before he allows them to come into this country? Does he know there are no jobs for them? Is he going to give them benefits that come to legal citizens? I knew this guy was gonna be bad, but this is totally irresponsible, unethical, and a slap in the face to every American.

If you aren’t with me yet, let me make it plain. Biden is obstructing federal agents, preventing them from enforcing immigration laws. Congress should be outraged, and he should be impeached.

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I thought no single person could do more damage to this country than Barack Obama, but I have to take that back: Biden is doing his best to take first place. And behind him are Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Eric Swalwell, Kamala Harris, and a host of other Democrats and RINO turncoats. American citizens will be left to defend themselves with all the shenanigans Biden and his administration are enacting. Biden and his son have proven to Americans that there is no justice for corrupt officials and those related to them. God save us from this travesty!

Oh wow! Here’s a thought. How about taking away Secret Service protection for all DC lawmakers, so they remember what it’s like being a normal American? If they’re afraid, they can buy a gun or hire their own security. Have them purchase their own insurance for their families and pay for their own transportation, postage, etc. I don’t know of any group that has more perks and does less work. Try working for the people, instead of for your own pocketbooks. Oh, I forgot, that’s why you went into politics in the first place!

One more thing. These illegal aliens are entering the US in violation of the law, so does that make Biden an accomplice to these people breaking our laws? Seriously, someone, please tell me, what is so bad about Mexico and the other countries that we send money to, that they don’t want to stay there? What exactly is so bad that they don’t want to stay there after we already made it clear that we don’t want them?

The presidential election of 2020 was a farce, as is this week’s impeachment trial. Most Americans know that. We have to let this play out, and have all those executive orders, signed by Biden like celebrity autographs, be challenged in court. In the meantime, hopefully, you will see a resurgence of real conservative groups like the Tea Party before the 2022 midterms. So that, barring no major systemic irregularities like taking five weeks to get the votes counted or mailing out 150 million unrequested ballots, the leftists will get crushed in the House and Senate. Remember 2010?

I’m so glad I got to experience the last four years under President Trump. American citizens came first. Not sure what the next four years are gonna be like, but it doesn’t look good. Biden doesn’t get the whole picture. All the good that has been done to protect citizens is out the window. It makes me sad.

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