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27 Nov, 2020 15:15

Is ANYONE actually surprised that rioting comrades Antifa & BLM are seeking a divorce as racial tensions come to the fore?

Is ANYONE actually surprised that rioting comrades Antifa & BLM are seeking a divorce as racial tensions come to the fore?

After months of carnage in US cities, tensions are rising between the two main perpetrators, Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Given their different ethnic make-ups and agendas, it’s a shock this unholy alliance lasted so long.

If there are two organizations that can be held most responsible for the riots that have scarred America throughout 2020, it is Black Lives Matter and Antifa. These groups have caused millions upon millions of dollars’ worth of damage and committed hundreds of crimes in the pursuit of what they consider ‘justice’. 

I know the true end game for these groups is not the election of Joe Biden, but I get the sense that they’re at least happy that Donald Trump is going to be out of office (barring the biggest case of voter fraud in history). And with that small victory, it would appear that a divorce is under way between the two groups.

According to certain sources, there have been tensions for months over Antifa’s way of doing things and whether or not this has tainted the protests. After all, when you start lighting cities on fire across the nation, it’s pretty safe to assume that people are going to stop listening. You go from being someone with something to say to someone intent on destruction. Hardly the best way to get a point across. 

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There are also issues over authenticity. Some BLM activists are pointing out that many of the members of Antifa are white and privileged.” And the Antifa groups are digging through social media trying to ‘cancel’ social justice protesters. So, it seems like Antifa is too white and too rich for BLM tastes, and some organizers in BLM aren’t pure enough for Antifa. 

As someone who has seen both of these groups do what they can to damage his country, it’s hard not laugh as I watch this all play out, mostly because it’s entirely predictable if you understand the reality of the situation. On one side, there are Black Lives Matter organizers with skeletons in their closet. On the flip side, Antifa’s demographic tends to be rather similar to a Ku Klux Klan meeting. 

These issues have been pointed out over the course of months. Many people on social media have seen videos of mostly white crowds, made up of Antifa supporters, chanting BLM slogans. The irony of the situation is that they’re usually chanting them at someone who is not white. And for all of their supposed attempts at seeking ‘justice’, all they have managed to do so far is light fires as another old white guy was nominated by the Democrats.

In a sense, all it was going to take was time for these groups to actually look at one another and realize that there is no natural fit. That is the funny part. Both of these groups are doomed to fail, because they do not seek anything positive. They say that they do, but actions speak louder than words. You cannot claim to want justice for one group while committing injustices toward another and expect people to pay attention.

The bitter irony? Two groups that say that they are battling for racial justice are dividing among racial lines. If the irony were any more delicious, you could serve it up as a Thanksgiving dessert.

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