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16 Nov, 2020 13:29

The right is losing political battles because they aren’t even bothering to take part in the culture war

The right is losing political battles because they aren’t even bothering to take part in the culture war

There’s a deluge of progressive propaganda in mainstream entertainment, but where are the conservative creators and influencers? We need more people on the right to get involved in shaping our culture.

With Joe Biden the presumptive winner of the presidential election, it’s likely that we’re going to see a surge of conservative TV viewers looking for alternatives to Fox News now that it has turned on its base. 

There seems to be quite a bit of speculation regarding whether Donald Trump will create his own network. There’s no doubt that The Donald has the cash and the pull to make some moves, but even if he does, there’s one key problem: it’s not going to matter in the long run. 

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The one mistake that is constantly made by conservatives is that the news is enough, the be-all and end-all. And although it’s good to be able to discuss what’s going on in the world, there’s also a problem with that. As Andrew Breitbart once said, “politics is downstream from culture.” By its nature, politics will only be able to react to things that are going on in the culture at that time, while the rest of the world continues to change. As such, values like liberty, freedom, family and the rest of the American cornerstones fall by the wayside for progressivism. 

If you look at mainstream entertainment, where most of the culture is going to be found and/or manipulated in different directions, leftists have control over all of it. Every day, narratives are being pushed forward in video games, music, television and so forth. 

There’s not really an escape from it. If you go onto your PlayStation or Xbox, you’re going to get Black Lives Matter sloganeering. If you go onto Netflix or Hulu, prepare to be pelted with shows driven by political progressives. Want to read a comic? Be prepared for ‘Orange Man Bad’ in most Marvel or DC offerings. 

What people are getting in their face all the time is progressive trash, and there’s not really anything that’s counter to that. The narratives are all being set up by those in the arts and there appear to be very few people from a conservative or libertarian background who are doing much. 

In fact, it seems conservative artists like James Woods are known more for their Twitter activity. And although occasionally someone like Gina Carano, Kurt Russell or Vince Vaughn pops their head above the parapet, there are very few directors or screenwriters breaking the mould, and that’s where the stories originate. For every Richard Jewell, there are 20 Borat II’s.

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Now, I’m not saying that there are no conservatives in entertainment. In my realm, independent comics, I know several. But it’s not as if these folks I know are currently doing work for major companies with major characters. We’re all building the foundations of something new. And even so, this is only one area of entertainment, and it’s hard to predict what the future will hold. Conservatives need to take an honest look at the arts and see if there are people out there with ideas worth bankrolling. 

Here are the facts. You can’t rely on Clint Eastwood and Mel Gibson to be the only people who do this sort of entertainment. There have to be more plausible alternatives. Though the ‘Get woke, go broke’ mantra seems to be gaining more steam, what happens when the people who invest money have nowhere to go? If there’s no alternative option, eventually, they’ll begrudgingly return to the progressives.

And thus we have the major fault of the conservative mind, and it needs to change. Being reactive is not enough. If you want things to improve, start looking upstream instead of wondering why the river has turned brown. 

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