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7 Oct, 2020 11:29

Michelle Obama’s Orwellian damage control for BLM is a cynical attempt to gaslight the American people into voting for Biden

Michelle Obama’s Orwellian damage control for BLM is a cynical attempt to gaslight the American people into voting for Biden

The former First Lady has posted an ‘earnest’ piece to camera voicing her support for Joe Biden and, in an incredible bit of doublespeak, chastises those who hate riots and destruction as racist.

One of my favorite memes on the Internet is the “This is Fine” dog. It comes from a comic strip from back in 2015 called “On Fire.” It depicts a dog sitting in the midst of his own home as it is engulfed in flames. He shows complete apathy for the situation all the way up until the point where he melts away due to the flames.  

Often you see this used as a reaction image on the internet to echo exactly that kind of apathy or trying to downplay a horrendous situation. Recently, the former first lady Michelle Obama seemed to do her best impression of this dog while implying that if you criticize Black Lives Matter for any of the riots that have gone on, you are a racist. 

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The video, which is meant to boost Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, is chock full of Michelle Obama's trademark finger wagging. Her tone towards critics of Black Lives Matter and members of the Trump administration is like that of a woman scolding a dog for peeing on the rug.  

She attempts to paint the shock and horror of some of the greatest cities in America being lit on fire as being a cynical ploy to stoke fears about non-white people. So, let me get this straight, you’re telling me that what’s going on is mostly peaceful? Do I want to know what your definition of violence is? 

Let’s break down the problems here.  

The first is her statement that these protesters are mostly peaceful. Even if that was true, the simple fact that there have been riots in several major cities in the United States that have caused catastrophic damage to the property of American citizens, should be a cause for concern. This reeks of someone trying to make partisan excuses. What makes it even worse is that her statement is a blatant lie. The Princeton University group studied three months of these ‘demonstrations’ and anyone who can read a map can see the number of places that have had riots.

Secondly, she, predictably, pulls the race card. Though I’m not the biggest fan of calls for empathy, I do think one is needed here. Imagine being a business owner in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Imagine working almost every day to make your small business a success. Then one day, a bunch of bored white kids chanting Black Lives Matter come and destroy your shop. Personally, I’m of the opinion that the hypothetical shop owner wouldn’t be too pleased. Now imagine the former First Lady telling you that you’re a racist because you’re mad about it. Doesn’t exactly sit well, does it?

As someone who is both entranced and terrified by George Orwell’s 1984, I know doublespeak when I hear it. Michelle Obama obscures the meaning of words like violence, peaceful, and protest. This is a deliberate tactic that both she and her husband have used several times in the past. It is a form of political gaslighting, intending to make the person listening question their own sanity and what they already know to be true. It is one of the dirtiest tactics that you can pull in politics, and it’s something that we shouldn’t desire to be the norm. 

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Here are the facts. Ever since the beginning of September, support for BLM has been tanking . More and more people are getting wise to the game. All someone has to do is point at Joe Biden and his lack of condemnation for so long to see exactly what the Democrats’ policy prescription (or lack thereof) will be in the future.  

Trotting out Michelle Obama like a disappointed aunt and having her state blatant lies and half-truths is not going to turn America towards Joe Biden. If the Obamas of the world are to disappear from politics, I pray that it’s sooner rather than later. We don’t need any more reflections of an Orwellian nightmare while our cities burn.

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