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As an adopted person, I find the Left’s attacks on Amy Coney Barrett’s Haitian children beyond contempt

Micah Curtis
Micah Curtis

is a game and tech journalist from the US. Aside from writing for RT, he hosts the podcast Micah and The Hatman, and is an independent comic book writer. Follow Micah at @MindofMicahC

is a game and tech journalist from the US. Aside from writing for RT, he hosts the podcast Micah and The Hatman, and is an independent comic book writer. Follow Micah at @MindofMicahC

As an adopted person, I find the Left’s attacks on Amy Coney Barrett’s Haitian children beyond contempt
It was inevitable that there would be criticism of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who was recently nominated to the US Supreme Court. But claiming her adopted children are shields against racism is truly abhorrent.

Back in 1985, I was adopted by a middle class family in Illinois. Four years later, that same family adopted a little girl who is biracial. One thing that I can say with absolute confidence is that there are zero things wrong with adoption. 

In fact, statistics say that children who are adopted are much happier than they would have been if stuck in the original situation that they were born into. It’s a wonderful thing, and there’s a reason why so many communities get so excited for families who do adopt, because it is a blessing from God to be able to raise a child.

Last week, I predicted that Judge Coney Barrett would likely face a character smearing from the political Left on the announcement of her nomination to the US Supreme Court. I had a feeling that it would be dirty, and that it would be likely based around her religion (she’s a devout Catholic). 

It seems that I gave the Left a bit too much credit, because some have gone after her children – specifically, the two children she adopted who were originally from Haiti. Ibram X Kendi (author of ‘How to be an Anti-Racist’) called Judge Coney Barrett a colonizer and accused her and her family of adopting these children to somehow prove that they are not racist. 

Predictably, the response to his disgusting statements was to highlight the reaction of Republicans rather than question what was being alleged in the first place. Yes, because it's Republicans and Republicans alone who would be offended by such a statement.

I will be frank. I don’t think that Ibram is just wrong; I think that this sort of statement is downright idiotic. It sounds like the crazy conspiracy of someone who does not talk to anyone who doesn’t look like himself. Had I simply been shown the text of what was said, I’d have thought that it had come from the likes of Richard Spencer.

Here’s the reality. Parents who want to adopt children are doing so simply because they want to add someone to their family. That’s it. There is no grandiose conspiracy. There is no ulterior motive. Despite what Abram seems to think, white people who adopt non-white children are not Dr. Doom. 

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I speak from experience when I say that my younger, biracial sister is simply my sister. I would love her as my sister no matter what color she is. Same is true of my parents. Indeed, the same is true of any family that I have ever met who adopted a child who doesn’t have the same melanin as they do.

Of course, this is not the only conspiracy theory that has been put forward. Democrat activist Dana Houle alleged that Coney Barrett and her husband illegally adopted those two children I mentioned earlier. This accusation obviously has no evidence, and, if you follow Hitchens’ Razor, can be dismissed just as quickly. However, it’s clear that the intent is to smear the judge and her intentions. Another individual named John Lee Brougher (manager of left-wing PAC NextGen America) stated that transracial adoption is “fraught with trauma.”

Newsflash, John…no it isn’t. On top of that, it’s rather disgusting to even allege such a thing. It didn’t surprise me that he failed to offer up any sort of a source to back his claim up. And it’s also no shock to see that both Brougher and Houle have now hidden their Twitter profiles. 

They made these claims purely with the intention of hurting the reputation of the judge. But all that the Barretts are guilty of is being a family; it seems like that’s a problem these days. So, let me get this straight. You’re saying that white people should only adopt white children? We have a name for that. It’s called segregation.

I have to say that this is one of the most appalling attacks that I've ever seen on a potential member of the Supreme Court. The only one that I can think of that was more severe was the absolute hell that Brett Kavanaugh had to go through. 

To make allegations of this nature against a family is low, but what makes it worse is that this kind of behaviour is becoming the common discourse in politics. Instead of debating differing opinions, they try to rip your heart out instead. It’s shameful, and it’s got to stop.

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