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4 Sep, 2020 17:46

The idea that you can be diagnosed with racism and it is a public health crisis has no merit at all

The idea that you can be diagnosed with racism and it is a public health crisis has no merit at all

Senator Elizabeth Warren is introducing a bill to declare racism a public health crisis within the United States. But it would be a waste of federal funds and the idea it will help communities affected by Covid is a smokescreen.

Massachusetts senator and failed presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has, along with two congresswomen, introduced a bill to declare racism ‘a public health crisis.’ Much of the bill seems to be oriented around the idea that it is attempting to provide more healthcare to minority communities that have been disproportionately affected by Covid-19. 

There is a completely separate debate on whether or not the government has any business dealing with health care, but some of the goals of this bill make it very obvious that this is not the primary concern driving this.

There is an assumption that the United States by its very nature is racist. I discussed this not too long ago in an article on the 1619 Project. In summary, this is a nonsense proposition that has no actual basis in history or fact. What Senator Warren wants most is to establish an element of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) focused purely on researching what she defines as racism.

She even wants an element of the CDC to address police brutality. Bear in mind that the CDC and their focus are supposed to be diseases, whereas what she’s suggesting is more to do with law enforcement. So, beyond any nonsensical beliefs about America's founding, it seems that senator Warren doesn't even know how the government she works in actually operates.

All silliness aside, there are actual questions that need to be asked here. Who exactly would be working within this task force? Is this just a reason to employ social scientists who write nonsense like the 1619 Project in the first place? What do you do with someone who is diagnosed with racism? Are we going to come up with some sort of anti-racism pill? Of course not. The fact is that none of this makes any sense. We do not live during the time of slavery, nor the Jim Crow South. 

All that Elizabeth Warren would do with this bill is use the government to extend policing of modern American Life to incorporate more of what the Left defines as racism. And all this manages to do is dilute the seriousness of actual racism. It’s rather obvious to anyone that we don’t have Richard Spencers marching down the streets everywhere. 

The fact of the matter is that Warren is motivated by the desire to shape the country the way she wants. I guess she forgot that there’s a reason nobody wanted her as the Democrat nominee.

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