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27 Aug, 2020 16:41

Beset by rioters & criminals & ruled by shady oligarchs, here are 6 reasons why my beloved USA is becoming a banana republic

Beset by rioters & criminals & ruled by shady oligarchs, here are 6 reasons why my beloved USA is becoming a banana republic

In all my years as an American, I have never been so fearful for the future of my nation. We are in the midst of a class war that is being driven by Democrats’ demagoguery, and it is likely to end very badly.

The six letters in R.I.P.O.F.F. best describe how America has quickly transitioned from a democracy to an oligarchy and how left-wing totalitarianism is just around the bend.

R - Radicals who riot

What's happening in America now is a class war, plain and simple. The Democratic Party and its media propagandists will tell you it’s systemic racism, social injustice, or white supremacy. But it’s a class war that is egged on by the Democratic Party’s politicians and their water-carrying partners in the mainstream media echo chamber and if you disagree, you are a racist who must be cancelled.

The 2016 “resist everything Trump” movement was founded by Hillary Clinton, who has spent four years refusing to admit or accept her stunning defeat in the last presidential election. For hundreds of years, America has always had a smooth transition of power after the people voted. This was not the case in 2016.

No former president (or failed candidate) has ever spoken out or actively interfered with the peaceful transition and transfer of power after a political election. Barack Obama's most recent visceral attacks on President Trump have fanned and acted as an accelerant fuelling the flames of civil unrest, discord, and tribalism across the nation.

Michelle Obama's recent speech mentioning her “oppression,” given from their 11-million-dollar summer residence on Cape Cod, was tone-deaf and out of touch with America’s 40 million unemployed workers, Americans who cannot feed their families, and the victims of the violent mobs murdering, looting, and creating anarchy in the nation's biggest cities.

During the Obama/Biden administration, racial tensions escalated markedly as manufacturing jobs left and wealth inequality increased, resulting in the Occupy Wall Street movement which was later rolled into a refinement of the Black Lives Matter movement.

All Black lives matter but many disagree with the ideology of the ‘movement’ which does nothing to protect all black lives. Too many Americans and the media are conflating the “BLM movement,” which was founded by three socialists and contains very destructive elements within its ranks, as a shield to destroy capitalism.

Elements within the movement have embraced violence as a “means to an end” and have openly accepted Antifa as a pervasive force within the movement to force the establishment to capitulate to the demands of it, such as defunding the police, income redistribution and reimagining our entire system of social and legal justice, by any means necessary. Where was the national debate? No, it was shut up and obey, or you will be deemed a racist, fired from your job and cancelled.

Antifa are domestic terrorists who are burning and destroying cities across America. Skyrocketing rates of murder, violent crime, looting and arson have displaced the rule of law in America. Not one uber-liberal Democratic Party politician has condemned these riots and race conflicts, which are leading to broader race wars and tribalism becoming the new reality.

It's laughable how the media continue referring to this obvious anarchy, chaos and lawlessness as “peaceful protests” (I thought that yesterday’s CNN one was a parody at first - but no!).

The media are losing their last sliver of credibility as they accelerate this death and destruction by denying the violence and shifting the narrative, rather than condemning it and demanding immediate action to stop the anarchy now. The entire Democratic National Convention focus was not on policy or how to improve the lives of every American, but rather on “Orange Man Bad, vote for us.”

It’s almost as if the media's tech oligarchs’ corporate masters are demanding that the unrest continues, so the oligarchs instil fear in order to punish those daring to vote for Trump and to gain a monopoly on global business. The more small businesses that are destroyed and the more cities that are hollowed out, the faster globalism is achieved. The oligarchs of Silicon Valley control the news flow via Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. And soon Amazon will dominate all of retail and food distribution.

These oligarchs seek to have a class of obedient workers reliant on big government. Why wouldn't they support riots that destroy the competition?   

I - Intolerance and Intimidation

Intolerance and intimidation only work until they backfire catastrophically with extreme retribution. The retribution is likely to be severe as most people are done accepting being “beat up, harassed, bullied and lied to by the media.” When law enforcement is absent, the silent majority will be forced to protect themselves from this infestation of lawless criminal thugs who disregard life, destroy property, loot, demand income redistribution and the defunding of the police – all under a banner of social justice and equality. One of the protest organizers encouraged rioters to “burn down the businesses because they have insurance.” This will get ugly quickly. Once upon a time, one would only see this in a banana republic, not in America.  

P - Politics of protection from predators

People pay taxes on the basis that the government protects the population. The Democratic politicians in NYC, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and Kenosha have issued a stand-down order to police that has resulted in a massive increase in the number of murders and violent crimes committed, as well as the wide-scale destruction of property and small businesses people have worked their whole lives creating. This is an example of the American dream rapidly becoming a nightmare where politicians have disregarded their oaths of office to protect the people they serve; there is no longer any safety in communities.  

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O - Oligarchs demand obedience

SHUT UP And OBEY or be fired, cancelled, harassed by the mob, demonetized, and deemed unemployable. The new normal is oppression. The “occupy” movements have been rebranded under the banner of the BLM movement and this will cause huge blowback that may result in a civil war, which is precisely the outcome the oligarchs are seeking so they may easily implement a tyrannical dictatorship, where everything is rigged and all liberties are permanently suspended. Welcome to Orwell’s 1984.

F - Fear

Jacob Blake’s shooting was tragic. The full story has yet to be disclosed, and the investigations are underway. Blake was wanted by police in connection with a sexual assault he committed and had a history as a violent criminal offender. Several new videos are surfacing that show Blake was fighting with police. It is further alleged that Blake had a knife in his hand and told police he was going into his car to get a gun. Is this true? We do not know yet. What we do know is how politicians and jabbering heads from the media immediately condemned the police, without all the evidence, facts and circumstances, because it fits a narrative.

In America, we have due process; this new lot of socialist democrats wish to rewrite history and want the power to convict before trial. This is called mob rule. Where is the Department Of Justice’s Civil Rights Division for the protection of EVERY citizen's rights? Their silence is deafening. The fake news media's Democratic Party calls Trump's vision for law, order and growth in America dystopian and dark. Hillary Clinton has told Joe Biden he “should not concede the 2020 election under any circumstances because we have hired an army of lawyers to fight the result in case we lose.” This officially signals America's arrival into banana-republic governance, where elections are rigged and meaningless. Well, Joe Biden had 47 years in Washington to straighten out the country – and all he did was to make millions off the backs of everyday Americans.

F - Fake fact-checkers and news

The fake fact-checkers and news media are sowing the seeds of discontent and fear, so that the oligarchs of Silicon Valley can tip the 2020 presidential election in favour of Biden. Fearful people will vote for change. This fear will be manipulated not only by the fake news media but also by the even bigger fraudsters in Silicon Valley.

The far left globalist agenda to rule Wokistan, sorry, America, must be stopped. While Trump may not be perfect he is better than hidin’ Biden and he has uncovered the fake media for what they are: the enemy of the people. It’s time to wake up!

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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.