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7 Jul, 2020 11:57

Labelling all white women Karens is racist and typical of the sneering woke warriors who think they’re better than you

Labelling all white women Karens is racist and typical of the sneering woke warriors who think they’re better than you

The already offensive stereotype for white women has been colonised and transformed into a racist ‘anti-racist’ trope. And disgracefully, it’s being encouraged by elements of the MSM.

It’s an equation that makes no sense. Racism plus more racism equals a better world.

Yet for some unfathomable reason, it makes sense to the BBC. Promoting its No Country for Young Women podcast, they shared a clip of the current episode.

In it, host Sadia Azmat asked contributors Amelia Dimoldenberg and Dr Charlotte Riley, ‘How can white women not be Karens?’

For those new to the term, Karen is a shorthand way of describing a middle-aged white woman regarded as having a “loud” voice.

Initially, the stereotype was the sort of woman who wouldn’t be shy to demand the manager’s attention if her souffle was overbaked. At best, it was misogynistic and patronising.

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But the liberal mob have slathered on another layer by hijacking the term. So a Karen is now also a racist. The thinking is if you don’t go through your day acknowledging your white privilege, then you’re part of the problem.

When I first saw the clip circulated online, I genuinely thought it was a parody about “educated fools” discussing racism. To my horror, it wasn’t. It’s offensive to all, but particularly white women.

UK Conservative MP Ben Bradley even cancelled his TV licence, which helps to fund the BBC, after watching it.

What was the BBC thinking?

One of the guests, Dimoldenberg, made her name on YouTube interviewing musicians, mainly black grime artists in fried chicken shops in London. Riley is a University of Southampton historian, writes for The Guardian, and said, “I'm not into fluffy pink T-shirt feminism. I want it to be violent and radical.”

All that needs to be said regarding their actions and comments is that those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. People like these have a superiority complex and their speech was full of scorn for what they see as the stupid, ignorant Karens of this world.

It’s not just the BBC. Other sections of the liberal media have enabled the term to become commonplace. And that is unacceptable.

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White women come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some started life in affluent surroundings and had things handed to them.

Others were born dirt poor and despite their best efforts, died the same way. Plenty were made to feel like second-class citizens as immigrants arriving in a foreign land.

Categorising them as one type of person shows the arrogance of this self-appointed section of society, who in their minds are here to make sure we all know what we can and can’t say. Well, that’s not how it should work.

Different opinions and points of view are essential for any healthy society to thrive. Some people will oppose your views, but as long as they are respectful and not fuelled by hatred, then they should stay quiet and respect your right to express them.

The thought of second-guessing everything you say for fear of being considered racist is tiresome and soul-destroying. We all know where the line is; what is and what isn’t racist.

Would the BBC have run a discussion on black men, under the title ‘How to avoid being a Leroy?’

One of the best ripostes to the Karen question was offered by Leyanelle on Twitter, who posted: “I am white, working class, in poverty, chronically ill, have zero power and yet I am told I am a Karen, I am to take up less room, I have to use the little energy I have to educate myself on my ‘privilege’ & if I complain I must hate black people. This is not fighting racism.”

The stupidity of the liberal elite has set off this chain reaction. And now online we’ve made the jump to people being called Ku Klux Karen.

The condescension from the likes of Dimoldenberg and Riley is fuelling this cycle. A lot voters backed the likes of Donald Trump as they were sick of supposedly educated and informed people talking down to them.

The liberals who propagate this are a dangerous bunch, as they’re savvy enough to know what they’re doing but stupid enough to think they are doing it by stealth.

They are deliberately creating a whirlpool that gives them air time, column inches and social media followers, then pretending to be at arm’s length from it all and offering their ‘noble’ criticisms of the Karens, the rednecks, the crackers, the hillbillies.

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Instead of helping to bridge the divide, what we have here is a rogue gang armed with university degrees and woke vocabulary stirring the pot to make themselves relevant and feed their self-righteous egos.

No matter where we come from or what skin colour we have, we generally all desire similar things in life.

So let’s stop the baiting and the labelling. And importantly, give no more credence to someone simply because they have Doctor in front of their name or because they’re given prominence by a platform like the BBC or a left-wing newspaper.

Education and intelligence are not the same thing.

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