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18 Feb, 2020 13:08

‘Low-key noble?’ I can’t believe there are STILL people defending Jussie Smollett

‘Low-key noble?’ I can’t believe there are STILL people defending Jussie Smollett

The alleged faking of a hate crime by Empire star Jussie Smollett deserves all the mockery it gets, but instead of cutting their losses some public figures are still trying to defend him, this time calling him ‘noble.’

Smollett’s case is likely one of the most controversial to ever hit Chicago. Not simply because of the controversy surrounding the hate crime hoax that he had been arrested for, but the rage that the city felt as the charges against him were dropped in exchange for sixteen hours of community service. Smollett has been indicted once again by a Cook County grand jury on six counts pertaining to making four false police reports after a special investigator took up the case. 

Despite all of this nonsense and the stress that was put on the Chicago Police Department over nothing, ‘The Real’ co-host Amanda Seals stated that what Smollett did was low-key noble for “bringing attention” to this. Bringing attention to what, exactly? Trump supporters beating up gay actors in Chicago on their way to Subway at two in the morning? There isn’t a part of that statement that doesn’t sound ridiculous, given that Chicago has been dominated by Democrats for decades. In the state of Illinois, the only blue areas are Chicago and Champaign, whereas the rest of the state votes Republican. Or was Mr. Smollett drawing attention to the increase of Nigerian bodybuilders-turned-actors prowling the streets of Chicago prepared to fake a hate crime for the right price?

There are zero things noble about staging an attention-grabbing hoax with yourself framed as a victim, at the expense of taxpayer-funded police man-hours. The entire city of Chicago considered this an affront, with mayor at the time Rahm Emmanuel calling out Smollett’s behavior and the city suing Smollett to pay for the investigation. You can’t invoke cases like Emmitt Till (which Seals did) or invoke other black men getting the book thrown at them and expect to be taken seriously. The chief of police at the time, Eddie T. Johnson was black. The current mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, is black. So, even the non-sequitur falls apart!

What Smollett did is worthy of one thing: mockery. The entire situation deserves to live in infamy as one of the dumbest attempts at faking a crime of all time, and another key example of Chicago government corruption given Smollett’s ties to the Obamas and the State’s Attorney Kim Foxx moving to let Smollett off easy. Thankfully, there is a good amount of mockery going on. Even the hyper-liberal host of the Daily Show, Trevor Noah, recently mocked Smollett’s indictment, calling Smollett “Black Pinocchio” who got what he wanted in a recurring storyline, albeit in the media, not his show.

I suppose Smollett’s supporters could look on the bright side. Even though Smollett has been indicted once again after a special investigation, their hashtags may not be in vain. CNN anchor Don Lemon’s tearful support of Smollett may not have been wasted. People the world over have been given the wonderful gift of even more comedians making jokes at Smollett’s expense. Smollett will be the main point of comparison any time that a fake crime comes up in the news. However, there is one small accomplishment that Smollett can put under his belt during all of this.

He did manage to find a Subway in Chicago that was open at two in the morning and was within walking distance. A small miracle, I suppose.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.