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6 Feb, 2020 16:18

Just because a pro-Brexit millionaire ‘invented’ a £100 wheelie-bin shelter for the homeless, it doesn’t mean all Leavers are mad

Just because a pro-Brexit millionaire ‘invented’ a £100 wheelie-bin shelter for the homeless, it doesn’t mean all Leavers are mad

The pro-EU mob and its MSM shills continue to live in denial and insist on bad-mouthing Brexit supporters through snide attacks on loopy inventor Peter Dawe, his apocalypse farm, and wheelie bin solution to rough sleeping.

When oddball entrepreneur Dawe had that lightbulb moment which led to his invention of the shockingly distasteful wheelie-bin “sleep pod” for rough sleepers, he clearly hadn’t anticipated the MSM backlash or social media sneering that ensued.

And that’s because he was targeted not for displaying the classic tin ear of someone who considered every idea they ever had as utter genius but because he was a former, ahem, Brexit Party candidate in December’s General Election.

How totally mad is that? 

The Mirror even appeared to let slide the invention that equated society’s poor with human trash by allowing Dawe to ramble on and on about how brilliant and groundbreaking the idea of hinging two red wheelie bins together was and how much difference it would make to the problem of homelessness and rough sleeping worldwide.

Instead, the MSM reports focused on his Westminster ambitions and the modest 1.9 per cent of the vote share he won in Cambridge, a staunch Remain constituency, at the December 12 elections and the fact he ran for the anti-EU party.

Nearly two months after the election, in which overwhelmingly pro-Brexit candidates were returned, the die-hard Remainers and anti-Brexit lobby in the MSM are still in denial about the result.

The fact that Dawe is referred to as a Brexit Party candidate is plain wrong. He is a former candidate.

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Plays into their hands

As a result, the rabid Remainers and their MSM shills are in the process of turning the very notion of Brexit support into something else. In the past, during the run-up to and after the referendum, they used it to imply racism, now it is used to insinuate that the wish to leave the EU is right up there with flat-earthers, doomsday prophecies, and all other off-the-wall beliefs, including but not limited to inhumane contraptions supposed to ease conditions for rough sleepers, selling at just £100 a pop.

Unfortunately for 65-year-old Dawe, he is exactly the sort of liability who plays straight into their hands because the barmy entrepreneur does have form.

Prior to this latest tone deaf effort at somehow making sleeping in the streets more enjoyable, Dawe bought a 1,500 acre farm in Norfolk which he went about setting up as a post-apocalyptic holiday camp for him and 100 other like-minded individuals.

Are there really 100 others like him? If you have a spare £10,000 or £100,000 – it seems the subscription for survival is somewhat flexible – then you can join Dawe and and the rest of his loony pals as they sit out armageddon in a rural East Anglian retreat.

Then there was the hybrid pedal-electric pod he was championing a couple of years ago that he was determined would, in the future, replace cars. It hasn’t happened.

With his claims to be a “multi-millionaire” who made his money “in tech” Dawe is reinforcing every mainstream media prejudice levelled against the more outré Brexit supporters.

After all, the guy was a Brexit Party candidate so he and all his ideas are, by default, automatically nuts. Just as the decision by the 17.8 million other British people back in 2016 to ditch the EU remains incomprehensible to a select few of morally superior know-it-alls.

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Powerless to change

The pro-EU bunch lost the argument then, they lost it again at the general election and now, with the UK out of the bloc and the end of the transition scheduled for December this year, there is nothing they can do to reverse the situation.

They are powerless to effect the change they insist upon so they pick off the weak gazelles in the Brexit stampede, questioning their strength of mind, and hence, the sanity of the entire anti-EU herd.

That makes them feel good about themselves. The can insist the whole Brexit mess is the fault of millionaire madmen and the whack jobs they fooled into supporting their ambition to take back control.

And thanks to those like Peter Dawe, that idea, which is outrageous as his rough sleeper wheelie bin, is given the oxygen of publicity.

EU bigwig Donald Tusk said there was a special place in hell for Brexit supporters.

If, as the proverb suggests, the road to hell is paved with good intention, then Dawe has just sorted several miles of that infernal motorway.

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