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4 Jan, 2020 12:44

The United Methodist schism is all about RACIST white pro-LGBTQ progressives muscling out ethnic minorities faithful to Bible

The United Methodist schism is all about RACIST white pro-LGBTQ progressives muscling out ethnic minorities faithful to Bible

In a shock turn, leftists have taken control of the United Methodist Church. They say they’re fighting for minorities, but really they’re doing what privileged liberal whites have always done in America – being racist.

One of the world’s largest Christian denominations has decided to move to splitsville. The United Methodist Church has proposed a plan whereby they can peacefully expel all their conservative orthodox members who still adhere to clear biblical teaching about homosexuality that, according to Jesus anyway (Matthew 19:4-6), goes back to the very first chapter of Genesis.

This is a fight that has been ongoing within the UMC since the 1970s, but the proposed plan, which needs to be finally ratified in May, would allow the UMC to become a fully LGBTQ-supporting denomination.

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This outcome is both the long-delayed predictable anti-climax of a titanic struggle decades in the making, and simultaneously a shocking final twist to this theological opera that will affect millions: the UMC was the biggest of the old mainline Protestant churches in America, and the third-largest Christian denomination in the US.

Losing the vote, winning the war 

All the other major mainline American churches had already gone pro-LGBTQ, and the UMC was the last bastion of resistance to changing mores.

Obviously, they had to address the issue, and back in early 2019, the UMC’s General Conference did what seemed to many progressive Americans unthinkable: by a vote of 438-384, the conservatives won.

Southern Baptist intellectual Al Mohler (who is regularly featured in prestigious outlets like the Washington Post) called this a historic event, arguing it was significant within the 2,000-year history of Christianity. He wrote: “part of the history made yesterday is not only a mainline denomination’s refusal to join the sexual revolution, but a denomination that may, in the years to come, return to its evangelical heritage and theological roots that reach back to men like John and Charles Wesley.”

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The expectation was that it was the progressives who would decide they had to leave.
It turns out Mohler was completely wrong. The opposite has happened. Somehow in the following year, the LGBTQ faction turned the tide and got the conservatives to call it quits.

All the MSM outlets are reporting the fallout the same way: the newly minted ‘traditionalist Methodist’ denomination will be allowed to continue to be bigots in their own splinter group.

And there is certainly bigotry at play here, but it’s not coming from the traditionalists. They are simply affirming the same truths Christians have always affirmed in a world that wants them to change.

Progressives’ ‘good intentions’ hurt black Americans… again and again 

No, the bigotry isn’t coming from the traditionalists, it’s coming from the progressives. And it’s the oldest form of American bigotry raising its ugly head: pro-white liberalism against black and brown people.

Take something like the Jim Crow laws, now considered a shameful segregationist chapter in US history.

But after the US Civil War, they were a progressive scheme designed to help the races get along, and clearly they did not help. Even the northern abolitionist movement’s opposition to the expansion of slavery was based in white supremacy and a desire to not compete with black labor. Infamously, the American labor union movement has been notoriously racist, protecting whites from competing with the mostly non-unionized blacks.

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Minimum wage laws have continually been shown to disproportionately harm young blacks’ ability to join the workforce.

And Barack Obama did everything he could to suppress school choice initiatives despite the fact that they are very popular with black Americans, especially low-income blacks.
If you don’t believe me, then go read Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Riley’s excellent ‘Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals make it Harder for Blacks to Succeed’. Mr. Riley is himself black.

The way that this disgusting tendency has manifested itself in the UMC’s schism isn’t obvious because the MSM is trying to cram the sexual revolution down everyone’s throats, but the side effect is that progressives run roughshod over the opinions of racial minorities.

The first big battle over gay marriage in America happened during Barack Obama’s first campaign for president in California.

The law was Proposition 8, and it would make heterosexual marriage the only valid form in California. Ironically, the measure passed easily because the first black president was about to be elected, black Californians came out in record numbers to vote for the representation of their skin color and they happened to vote down gay marriage as well.

This is the main reason Pete Buttigieg, who is married to a man, doesn’t have a shot at the DNC nomination for president.

The Democrats need the black vote and they are consistently socially conservative – aka not pro-sexual revolution.  

Foreign Christians provided a bulwark against change – but no more 

The main reason that the UMC has been able to maintain their traditionalist stance until now is that they expanded membership outside the United States, most notably to Africa and the Philippines.

It is this expansion that the progressive UMC is really fighting against.

Somehow a political minority within the UMC (which is assuredly liberal, white, and American) has managed to smuggle democratic power out of the hands of an international coalition of multi-racial conservative Methodists.


It’s not entirely clear how the LGBTQ faction managed this Machiavellian maneuver, but a large part of it was that they offered the conservative faction $25 million to leave, according to Christianity Today.

In other words, it’s money and power over and against a democratic process that had defeated the leftists last year.

With the battle won, the MSM will continue to play PR firm for the white American progressives, allowing the decadent bourgeois elite to maintain their cultural power for generations and to continue their war upon biblical Christianity, changing anything and everything they don’t like about Jesus’ teachings just to fit new lifestyles.

The new UMC should not be seen as a symbol of social justice, but rather an icon for sexual decadence and capitalist power.

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