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16 Dec, 2019 14:48

Homeless in Seattle? City officials will put on a TRANSGENDER STRIP SHOW to lift your spirits

Homeless in Seattle? City officials will put on a TRANSGENDER STRIP SHOW to lift your spirits

Local leaders in Seattle, Washington are facing criticism after using taxpayer funds to hire a transgender stripper to perform at an annual event aimed at combatting rising homeless population rates.

Footage, taken last week during a conference organized by a coordinating agency for the homeless in King County called 'All Home,' shows adult performer Beyoncé Black St. James grinding on attendees and waving her flappy bits all over the place.

Unless she's hiding another secret in her pants, it remains to be seen how using government funding to hire a chick with a d**k to sexualize what should be a professional event will cure the local homeless crisis. This is yet another negative mark against a city that's already wasting vast sums of funds to combat a problem it doesn't seem capable of solving.

For quite a while now, Seattle has been tormented by a rise in those without stable housing, and leaders such as Mayor Jenny Durkan have lamented that the crisis "won't just go away overnight." Though, if this most recent video is any indication, attempts to address it aren't exactly serious affairs.

In its pursuit to tackle the problem, the city has spent a whopping $1 billion a year with little gains made as the situation is far from under control. As time progresses, more and more individuals are finding themselves out on the street, and as a result crime and addiction rates have soared. Yet, maybe that's not so baffling given we now know how wasteful the city is.

Thankfully, some changes may be under way as All Home director Kira Zylstra has been put on paid leave and is facing an active investigation. The organization itself could also be replaced as it's been labeled "weak and ineffective." Whether this leads to substantial changes remains to be seen as there are bigger forces in play.

The city has been gripped by a battle with identity-politicking leftists, and even with all the cash being spent, very little is being used to help those most in need. By all appearances there's just a whole lot of virtue signalling going around. The conference at which the stripper performed was even themed around "decolonizing our collective work" and she came in and flopped about the place during a scheduled event called "Lunch with Cultural Presentation."

What does any of that have to do with homelessness, who knows? But one thing is for sure, local officials seem to have a fetish for bringing adult performers into situations they have no right to be in. This is the same county in which a local library featured a drag queen who performed a pseudo-striptease in front of children during a teen Pride event.

It's unknown if any of those in attendance just so happened to be homeless, but like the event from last week, seeing someone's lewd dance probably didn't fix anything for them.

Sort yourself out, Seattle.

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