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12 Dec, 2019 12:18

Saved by a swerve: Driver dodges oncoming car speeding WRONG WAY down Australian road (VIDEO)

Saved by a swerve: Driver dodges oncoming car speeding WRONG WAY down Australian road (VIDEO)

A driver in Adelaide, Australia, survived an extremely close call by managing to swerve just in the nick of time as a car barreling towards it in the wrong direction almost plowed headlong into their truck.

Vehicles were driving one-way across three lanes of the South Road in the city’s suburbs when a silver car suddenly came around the corner against the flow of traffic. Luckily, the truck driver in the center lane reacted swiftly to the fast-approaching vehicle, and moved over just enough to allow the incomer to slip between the truck and another car without collision.

The dramatic close encounter was caught on dashcam by a car behind the truck, and its driver also swerved to avoid the oncoming car.

Stunned reactions to the clip on Facebook came from people who couldn’t quite believe that someone had driven the wrong way down that route, or that the truck driver managed to get out of danger quickly enough. “Good reflexes,” one person commented.

“Omg crazy,” said another, as other locals remarked they’d be taking the train or a different route to work from now on. 

“Doesn’t deserve a licence,” someone else said of the careening driver. 

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